Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pretty, Practical Projects are the BEST!

Okay, so I have to say I'm a total sucker for anything pretty that's ACTUALLY practical. Yes, I do still obsess over things with no intrinsic value beyond their cuteness, but you take something that I have to use every day and make it pretty?? Well, that's how you steal my heart! And when Chris brought these adorable samples of the Lunch Bunch Pattern by Indygo Junction into the shop, I just about had a cute-heart-attack!

First of all, EVERYONE eats lunch and a lot of us do it out of the home 5 days a week, so that's even more encouragement to invest the time to create something all your own! Second, the pattern calls for lining each bag with PUL (call us to order), a waterproof fabric that makes the bags food safe and machine washable so that you can use them over and over! This is a much more GREEN option than using brown paper sacks and plastic sandwhich bags, think of how much trash you'll eliminate!! Thirdly, the folks at Indygo Junction thought of it all with the extras in this pattern! You not only get a pattern for the big lunch bag, large sandwhich bag, a small snack bag, a circular snack bag that can be closed with a ribbon or cord and serves as a placemat when open (too cool!), and last but certainly not least, a reversible napkin! The whole set together is perfect for packing individual lunches for picnics, trips to the amusement park, or really anywhere you might only have a picnic table (or your lap) to eat on. And I just love that you can wipe out the insides when you get home or if you're lunch got a little messy (say, a dripping PB&J), you can throw the whole set into the washing machine with your next load of laundry!

This is a great project to create for school-aged kids, even for those who are college-bound this year! Can you say, graduation gift?? Use some more graphic and masculine fabrics like Parson Gray's debut collection Curious Nature and create a set for your husband to take to work!

My hubby and I resolved this year to take more homemade, nutritious lunches to work and with this awesome and creative way to tote our munchies, it's going to be even less of a challenge! Like I said, cute and practical gets me and a lot of times I'm terrible at keeping up with something unless I can do it as cool//cute as stinkin' possible! So here's to more handmade goodness in all areas of life!

What are your favorite practical projects? Anything you love to make for people again and again?

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Cheri said...

Practical and pretty? Can't resist. I share the same sentiments. Definately a must have.