Friday, August 31, 2012

The 2nd Annual Quilt Across Texas Kicks Off Saturday, Septemeber 1st!!

  Alright ladies, its finally here!! Tomorrow begins the first day of one crazy awesome month full of Texas-sized fun, fabric and more with the 2nd Annual Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop!! We're giving you a final rundown of all you need to know for this special event today so starting tomorrow you can just hop 'til you drop!!
Be sure to pick up The Guide, your passport for the biggest shop hop of them all, and begin planning out your route with all your friends or family! During the month, visitors are invited to stop at each shop participating in the event to take advantage of special Texas-themed quilt designs, quilt block patterns, giveaways, and prizes both on statewide and regional levels. Over 200 prizes will be given out, valued at over $45,000 so you're going to want to qualify for as many as you can! Remember, The Guide costs $5 but it comes with a $5 coupon to use at any participating store in September! AND be sure order your Souveneir Map, which has all of the 90+ quilt shops' information in one convienient location and get ready to Go On A Great Adventure Across Texas!! This is going to be a month full of Texas-sized fun and inspiration, can't wait to see you all there!
****Cabbage Rose Store Hours for September ONLY***
Monday - Saturday: 9am-6pm
Thursday: 9am-7pm
Sunday: 12pm-4pm
There are also more Events happening in September that we'll be open later for like the North Texas Quilt Shop Hop. Check our September Calendar to see shop hours for every day!!


AND don't forget our LABOR DAY SALE, today through Sunday, take 20% OFF ALL of our in-stock Fat Quarter, Fat Eighth or Half Yard Bundles! And yes, we ARE OPEN for Labor Day! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cabbage Corner Giveaway!!

So...we've been thinking its time for a even MORE fun over here on the blog so we're having a GIVEAWAY for the month of September!!! Since, you know, we don't have enough AWESOME stuff happening this month! There's Quilt Across Texas keeping our shop doors open even longer (and on SUNDAYS!), the North Texas Quilt Shop Hop, the Kimberly Einmo Workshop and TONS of great Clases so this month is going to be packed to the gills with fun, inspiration and most importantly, FABRIC!!!
What are we giving away you ask?? Since, you know, this IS a giveaway post, you might want to know the loot that's up for grabs eh? Well we're LOVE you all SEW much that we're going to let you choose between 3 yards of your most loved fabrics or your favorite Layer Cake!
Choices, choices, choices!! Well you'll have plenty time to think about what you will choose as this Giveaway will be open for the whole month of September!! All you have to do to enter is:
Easy peasy huh? Yeah, we're cool like that! This giveaway is only open to our blog followers so please be sure to follow us before you comment!! Also, please include your email at the end of your comment so we can get in touch with you if you win!!! Good luck everyone!!!
Psst! Tell your friends!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chevrons, Chevrons, Chevrons!!!

We are all a little bit...okay, a little TOO excited for the brand new grouping of Chevrons by The Riley Blake Designers!! With two new sizes, new colors, tonals and multi colors, there is a chevron for every project and color scheme! Great for decorating parties, making cute tote bags, mod skirts, home decor accessories or how about making an entire quilt with these babies??
When the last group of Chevrons came out, Caroline used the fabulous gray to make Amy Butler's Gum Drop Pillow!! How awesome does it look in her living room! And I love that little accent pillow on the couch to create a cohesive look! Want to learn to make the Gum Drop Pillow yourself? Well you're in luck!! Caroline is teaching the Class next Saturday! Sign up here!
Are you working on a room redo for one of the kids for Christmas or does your living room need a little pick me up? Pick a color chevron that shows up in the fabrics you're already working with a create a simple pair of curtains and a matching pillow! I think that would look mighty fine!!
Choose a red or a green to make modern stockings! Orange, brown, black and lavendar Chevrons would be super cute as cuff on a pair of Halloween pajama bottoms or pillowcase!

I LOVE this Quilted Chevron Tote Bag tutorial by the Riley Blake Design Team!! Every single color would look amazing as this simple yet chic bag! I love the simplicity of just quilting along the chevron lines for a sturdy bag thats fresh and modern!! Make one (or a couple) as Christmas gifts, or baby shower gift as I think it would be an adorable diaper bag!
We hope you all are just as in love and feeling inspired by these pretty graphic prints as we are! There's really no limits to what you can do with a good chevron!!
Happy Creating!! Show us what you're working on, tag us on Facebook on your project pictures!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Designer Creations!!

So the other day I was browsing for fun new projects to share with you guys and I just so happened to land on Camille Roskelley's blog Simplify and saw that she was working on a super fun and simple quilt using one of my favorite collections from this year, Summersville by Lucie Summers!! 

Such a great collection full of fun, screen-printing style illustrations in bright and cheery colors is perfect for a host of different projects. I love how Camille decided to break these busy little prints down to 2.5" squares so they could work together nicely! (Psst! This quilt design is perfect for using up Moda's new Mini Charm Packs!)

She cut her strips from Summersville Layer Cakes to save a little time and we still have some in the shop!! You can even use Charm Packs as you will get 4 total 2.5" squares from each piece in the pack! Not bad when 42 come in each stack!

At first, she thought about doing the entire quilt out of the 2.5" squares but a bit of white sashing between the blocks won out...I don't blame her one bit! It gives the eye a nice break, not to mention your hand! I don't know about you but I never want to strain my relationship with my rotary bueno!!

And here it is in the process of being quilted!! How lovely is this design?? Some of the prints in this collection can definitely be used for the kiddo specific projects but when they're cut up into these little doses, it just reads absolutely lovely!! And how great is the quilting she did on the sashing?? LOVING IT!!!
We still have plenty of this sweet little collection available in the shop so scoop up on some of these cute prints and start creating something new! And if you'd love to recreate this design, check out Camille's blog! She doesn't give full instructions but she shares plenty of info for you to figure your own design out! Gotta love that!
Happy Sewing Yall!! And don't forget to tag upload those creations on Facebook and tag us!! We'd love to see what you're doing!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fabric Feature: The Ladies' Stitching Club

Let me introduce you to The Ladies’ Stitching Club by Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S. When she's starting out with a concept or idea for a new collection of fabrics, Liesl will begin telling herself cute little stories about them in order to flush out everything she wants them to embody! I think that's such a cool design process and the story of these prints has all of us pretty tickled! Maybe because it sounds a lot like how women get involved with the Cabbage Rose!! 

The Ladies’ Stitching Club is the story of a young woman who dreamed one night of a gorgeous blouse. It was covered with embroidery and wonderful details that she had never seen before. When she awoke the next day, she couldn’t stop thinking about the blouse. After several days of pondering this wonderful creation, she decided that she’d better learn to sew so that she could make it for herself.

After asking around for a while, she was referred (I’m sure it was her local quilt shop that did the referring, although that’s not part of the story) to an elderly woman who had worked for many years as a seamstress. The two women hit it off immediately, despite the different in their ages, and they struck up a friendship that went well beyond their sewing lessons.

Soon, other women heard about the lessons and wanted to join. Before they realized what was happening, a strong, supportive community of like-minded women had developed, and their shared interests went far beyond sewing and embroidery. They threw garden parties and tea parties for no particular reason, visited museums together, and spent their time volunteering in the community. The result was a network of women who supported each other through hardships, who celebrated their victories, and who became lifelong friends.  All with a sense of humor and a freedom to be themselves, no matter how eccentric and usual that might be!

The Ladies’ Stitching Club came together in three colorways: Tea Party (pink, plum and gold), Garden Party (red, gold and blue), and Solarium (plum, blue and green). The prints, as you can see, have lots of stitching and garden motifs, and maybe a few drawing room and solarium motifs, too! 

I am especially LOVING these sweet  border prints!! With a sweet mix of gingham, floral and stitches, they're perfect for gracing the bottom of a million different projects!!!

They're absolutely perfect as, what else, QUILT BORDERS!!! Liesl even designed this darling triangles quilt for this collection and is offering it to everyone for FREE!! You can download it right here!! 

 How about creating a simple half apron and embellishing with a little chicken scratch? This is a fun way to embroider for those just learning since you have the gingham as a guide! No fuss, no patterns, no muss!! We like it when things are sew simple! I think I might bust out some Cosmo Embroidery Thread or Finca Perle Cottons and start my own!!

Or how about trying your hand at smocking?? This fun technique creates such a cute finish, perfect for little girl's skirts and dresses galore!!

Also!! A super cute project for any of these beautiful prints is this sweet and simple summer sunhat for your fair-skinned little ones! Download this free pattern to make one (or more!) for your last trip to the beach or anytime the kiddos will be out in the sun! Ranger games, a day at the park, hiking or wherever your adventures take you!

 We hope you're just as inspired as we are by this gorgeous collection! Let us know what you're making with these pretty prints! Share on Facebook and tag the Cabbage Rose!! We'd love to see what you are creating!!
Happy Sewing!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Create Coordinating Outfits for Fun Family Photos!!

Karen was lucky enough to get to spend some time with her gorgeous family this past week and we just had to share some grandbaby cuteness with you all!! How sweet is this little trio of outfits made by their aunt, Jenny O'neill with Michael Miller's Porcelin Tile Aqua print? I am absolutely loving the result, just about too cute for words!! But how great is this idea for taking family portraits or holiday pictures of the kids to send in your Christmas cards!! You don't have to create anything that difficult to get the impact that matching outfits gives you! Davis is wearing simple elastic waist shorts (you could use a pj bottom pattern or a pair that already fits your kiddo as a template) and a tshirt embellished with a tie shaped applique! But you could literally create anything you wanted! All you have to do is find a shape you like on the internet, print it out and use it as a template to cut out your fabric and fusing, then iron down and add a simple whip stitch or blanket stitch to hold it down for good!! Or if you're just making it for a photograph, who needs to spend the extra time stitching?? Little Wells is wearing a sweet and simple jumper and Ava has on a super easy-to-create pillowcase dress! Love that big ribbon tie!!!

These little outfit ideas don't take much time at all and its such a fun way to present your family in a photograph!! How sweet are these kiddos??

Porcelain Tile Aqua    Porcelain Tile Olive    Porcelain Tile Pink
If you really love that print, Michael Miller carries it in several cute colors! You can shop all the prints here!!

Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kitchen Confections: Redo your Kitchen in Vintage Modern!!

Don't you just LOVE when you see a few simple projects that can totally transform a space?? Well the folks over at Sew4Home are seriously awesome at doing just that and I absolutely LOVE looking through all the fun projects they feature, especially when they use some of the gorgeous fabric collections on the Cabbage Rose shelves! Recently they did a series called Kitchen Confections using the newest collection from Bonnie & Camille, Vintage Modern!! So if you've been meaning to give your kitchen a little face lift, try out some of these adorable projects for a fun and fresh look in no time!!

Fabric napkins are a simple and adorable way to bring some color to your table! They're fun to do around the holidays, seasonally or just because! Super cute when you do a different fabric on each side or implement a little patchwork like shown in the tutorial! Not to mention the fact that fabric napkins are reusable, a huge plus for the wallet and the conscious...and, they're just all kinds of classy!

Next up are these super cute quilted and reversible Patchwork Placemats! These a great way to protect your beautiful wood or family heirloom table! If you have little ones in the house, they really help keep everything neat and tidy! Plus after an especially messy meal, into the wash they go!!

And who doesn't love a Table Runner gracing their eating surface?? I love the pieced patchwork center, it really gives it that extra something! Make the other side in another fun coordinating print to make it reversible too! Why not get the all the mileage you can out of your new pretty, eh??

Create these fun little Patchwork Oven Mits with a little ric rac trim and you won't ever have to put them away! Hang them on the outside of your oven and you have a little bit of color and pop in an unexpected place!!

I am absolutely dying over this adorable Toaster Cozy!! Such a clever idea, considering, you know, toasters are constantly covered in crumbs!! Worry no more, just slip this little cover over your toaster the next time someone is stopping by and your kitchen counters will look instantly better!!

And to top it all off, make yourself a pretty Vintage Modern Pleated Apron for all the cooking and baking you'll want to be doing in your newly re-done kitchen!! This design really does embody the name of the collection its made with, some cool & clean, modern lines mixed with a little bit of vintage detail! The result is absolute perfection!

And remember, you can use these fun project ideas for YOUR favorite collection of the moment! So click the name of each project for the full instructions and fabric requirements, then head over to the Cabbage Rose and get all the fabric and trims you'll need to make your kitchen a confection!!