Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quilt Across Texas 2013...Are you READY??

Seriously you guys, it feels like it was last week when I first started promoting Quilt Across Texas! I was all like, "Hey, I know Summer has barely even started but I'm pretty sure we're all gonna blink and it will be September so, QUILT ACROSS TEXAS!"
Well, I made the mistake. I blinked. Now Summer is over and September is only a few days away! And with this beautiful transition month, comes a shop hop the size of the state of Texas! Plus another Shop Hop too but we'll talk about that later! 

We are hosting a 3rd year of Quilt Across Texas at our shop ALL MONTH LONG THIS SEPTEMBER!! We even have special store hours, allowing you to get in as many shops as you can! Sundays in September ONLY, we  will be open from 12-3pm! Awesome huh??
If you've never participated in this fabulous, statewide Event before, don't you fret! Its as easy as 1,2,3 to get started!!
Get your copy of The Guide here!

See the whole collection and order your favorite Quilt Across Texas 2013 Fabrics here!

 And then it's time to get on the road starting this Sunday and see some of this glorious state while heading from shop to shop! There are 58 participating shops to visit, all in their own specific regions which have their own specific regional prizes! We are in Region #1 and here are our prizes!!
This is really a fabulous event and we just love seeing all the new faces and meeting customers from other parts of the state!! And the amount of out-of-state participants always makes us happy! We are so looking forward to this great month of inspiration, Texas-loving and shop hopping! Hope you all will join us! And head on over to the official Quilt Across Texas website for even more details!!
Happy Hopping!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Draft + Sew a Custom Circle Skirt with Caroline!

So if you haven't popped over to the Sew Caroline blog in awhile, I think you'll all be thrilled to see what she has recently cooked up! None of us has that hard of a time keeping up with the trends, I mean, you do have to walk by all those cute clothes at Target anyways! And if you've paid attention at all, you know circle skirts are EVERYWHERE! Mini, midi and everywhere in between, circle skirts are IN right now. And wouldn't you know,  Caroline just wrote a 4-part series on her blog on how to draft AND sew your very own custom circle skirt.
That's right ladies. A custom fit. Like, perfect for you!! 
And all it take is just a little bit of measuring, math (don't worry...she did all the formula work, you just put your measurements in), a quick bit of sketching, cutting and of course, sewing and you're on your way to a brand new skirt, honey! In WHATEVER fabric is tickling your fancy! Caroline used a beautiful Bari J. print from her collection Lily Belle and my, oh my, it just turned out perfect! Amazing fit Caroline! You can achieve it too! Just head on over to Sew Caroline and walk yourself through the 4 simple parts!
The Staple Dress Class      Washi Dress Class
And don't forget to sign up for one of her amazing dress Classes this Fall!
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sunnyside Diamond Zig Zag Quilt Tutorial

Every once in awhile I see something just fabulous on the Moda Bake Shop blog and this recipe by Janice Ryan of the Better Off Thread blog definitely caught my eye! Using a super convenient Jelly Roll from Kate Spain's newest collection, Sunnyside (PRE-CUTS ARE IN STOCK!) she created this stunning, diamond pieced chevron quilt that is just blowing my doors off!! I just ADORE the way she arranged the colors! It makes these zigs and zags SEW much more interesting!

This is a bit more of an advanced undertaking but she made incredibly good diagrams and directions so if you're feeling froggy, why not give it a go?? All it takes is one Sunnyside Jelly Roll and 4 yards of white for the background to get started! You can see the full instructions and directions for this quilt here!
Happy Creating!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Have a FAB(ric) Weekend at the Cabbage Rose!!

We have just gotten in SEW many beautiful prints, shades, and collections of fabric the past week and our store is just bursting with bright, fun and NEW!! Great selections from Free Spirit, like Denise Schmidt's latest line, Florence and Secret Garden by Nel Whatmore pictured above!! Isn't it just GORGEOUS?!
Lots of Moda, Baum/WindhamChristmas, Halloween, Reproductions and MORE! Not to mention all the fun new Accessories, Patterns & Books we've gotten recently! There's so much to see at the Cabbage Rose, make a trip out this weekend and be inspired!
Have a Fab(ric) Weekend!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Project Highlight: Flower Garden Laser-Cut Block of the Month!

Flower Garden by Kim McLean is literally one of the most stunning quilts I've ever seen! And I've seen a LOT of quilts. It might have a little something to do with the fact that I am a sucker for Dutch folk art (um, can we TALK about how CUTE that little pair of Dutch horses at the top is??) and an even bigger sucker for the King of Color, Kaffe Fassett! But the crazy thing is, even with how much I fell head-over-heels for this beauty the first time I saw it, I almost laughed at the prospect of making it...I am just NOT the quilter with THAT much time. Sad story, I know!
But luckily, last year we discovered the incredible process of Laser-Cutting and as you all know we've just been CRAZY over this innovative new technique!! With our Laser-Cut Applique Block of the Month programs, we can all actually imagine tackling this stupendous undertaking of a project when half the work is already done! Each and every one of those applique pieces in pretty Kaffe Fassett fabrics comes to you pre-cut to perfection with fusible already on the back! Super convenient, eh? And it's Soft Fuse, the most amazing feeling fusible we've ever used! You seriously can barely feel a difference in your background fabric and the applique piece once you've pressed it! 
All you need to do is SIGN UP, then grab yourself some pretty Perle Cottons and a Pressing Sheet because with once you get that first block, after just a little ironing, you will be ready to start stitching!! You can rock a pretty blanket stitch around all those pretty pieces or you can make it even faster by using your machine and a zig-zag stitch!! I'm pretty sure its impossible to make this process any easier, quicker or more instantly gratifying!! SIGN UP TODAY!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fun from the Weekend!

Happy Monday Everyone! Did you have an awesome weekend?? We sure did and we thought we would share a few highlights! So, our fearless leader and shop owner Karen O'neill was in Vegas this weekend with her hubs and spotted this awesome vintage sewing machine store! Everywhere you go these days there is MAD sewing machine love and we just can't get enough!
We have a couple vintage machines around the store and I'm pretty sure at least half the ladies that work up here at the Cabbage Rose have one (or two!) at home! We just adore the sensibility and simplicity of these older machines...they just don't MAKE things like they use to! We even have a Sew Fresh member who EXCLUSIVELY uses her hand-me-down, vintage Singer and she just loves it! And it sews quite beautifully!
Do you have a vintage machine?? Take a photo, post it on Facebook and TAG US!! We want to see more and more of these beautiful sewing machines! Oh, and don't forget to post your baby's name...we KNOW it has one! ;)

On Saturday, Caroline taught her first Staple Dress Class and just LOOK at the beautiful dresses her students created!! I am literally dying over each one of these! They all picked such gorgeous prints! Can't you see this dress getting tons of mileage in your wardrobe? I mean, I kinda want one in solid black and one in a Navy Polka Dot...maybe one from a gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabric and then, at LEAST ONE super fancy dress created with a beautiful voile!
Caroline is teaching this class again on September 7th so SIGN UP NOW to reserve your spot! You could TOTALLY make this dress wearable all Fall and Winter by using a print that will look awesome with layering pieces you already have in your closet! Think cardigans, leggings or bright and patterned tights tucked into awesome boots!
We hope you all have a beautiful week full of inspiration & creating!
Happy Sewing!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Cat in the Hat is BACK!!!


These adorable Cat in the Hat 2 prints by Dr. Seuss Enterprises for Robert Kaufman have just landed in the shop!!! We very rarely have licensed fabric in the shop so you can expect these prints to fly off the shelves this weekend! SO, if you're one of our awesome online customers I am giving you the scoop, GET THESE FABRICS NOW!! They are PERFECT for creating fun Christmas gifts for anyone on your list and especially awesome for a whole heap of kid projects!
Just look what Pablo made!! He took the Floating Blocks Quilt Pattern along with these adorable Cat in the Hat prints and a Solid black to frame them and created this adorable kids quilt! This quilt pattern is great for beginners who want to do something more interesting than simple patchwork but don't want to do a whole lot more work! Using big old blocks, you really get to the let the fab fabrics you pick to the heavy lifting! And set on point, square blocks take on a whole new look!
If you have a child's birthday coming up or want to make them a quilt for Christmas, this is a great combo that won't take you a lot of time!  You could even back a quilt like this with a red or blue Minky for a super quick finish! Plus it just FEELS SO GOOD!!
Use our super comfy Sleep Well or Little Sleep Well pajama pant patterns by Favorite Things to create fun Dr. Seuss pj's for your hubby, kiddos and yourself! You won't just be making something super cute for everyone to sleep in, you're creating a memory...something that will stand out in your family's minds forever! And that's one of the amazing things about handmade. These funny little things that we pour our love into end up meaning so much over time!
Inspired yet?? Make something with these Cat in the Hat 2 fabrics and post a picture on Facebook and share with us your ideas for the fun prints! ALSO! If you're looking for more Dr. Seuss, what we have left of The Lorax Organic collection is NOW 30% OFF!!
We hope y'all have an awesome weekend full of creating!