Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quilt As You Go with Pat Bravo!!

It's Wednesday! And what better way to get us all over the hump than with a FREE PROJECT! Anytime I'm feeling a little lax in the inspiration department, I head over to Pat Bravo's blog! Her world is just filled with color and fresh ideas all the time and I just so happened to stumble upon this super cool, super perfect for Summer quilt-as-you-go color block table runner! In this project, Pat shows you how to attach blocks together that you have already quilted individually!
what you'll need:
  • Ten (10) 9¼" x 9¼" quilted blocks (Shop Moda's Bella Solids or Michael Miller's Cotton Couture for beautiful shades of solids!)
  • One (1) 1¼" x WOF strip of choice of fabric
  • Four (4) 1¼" x 19½" strip of same fabric chosen
  • For Binding: Three (3) 1½" x WOF strips of fabric chosen

This is such a fun idea because you use up scraps of batting that you would never utilize trying to use on a whole quilt at one time! And you can have some fun with your quilting like she did with those fun decorative stitches!
Once you have all blocks finished, time to lay them out and see how you like them! Seriously this can drive you crazy, but try and let it be the fun part! Mixing so many solid colors together you can honestly do no wrong, so trust your gut and GO FOR IT!
You can get Pat's full instructions over on her blog, Soulful Eyes! She also has linked to her binding tutorial so you can be guided step by step through creating the whole thing if this is a new type of project for you!
So where do you find inspiration? Link your favorite projects or resources! We'd love to check them out!! And don't forget to follow us on Twitter! We're getting a bit more active on there so pop in, follow us and see what's new with The Cabbage Rose!
Happy Creating!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Get to Know Ya Time with David Butler of Parson Gray!

 Sometimes you find out about something a little too soon. In January I was seeing photos of World Tour by Parson Gray on Facebook and I literally DIED a little inside when reading that they wouldn't be available until June!! How could one so infatuated wait SO LONG? I didn't know how I could actually bear it...but oftentimes, when you have the patience to wait for something you truly love, you are rewarded by the overflowing waves of thankfulness that you FINALLY have your hands on it!

That's EXACTLY how I felt when these WORLD TOUR quilting cottons at long last hit our shelves this week! Major swoonage y'all! This collection is just perfection in my mind. These gorgeous and worldly graphic prints in rich natural hues are PERFECT for creating for the stylish guys in your life!


I am such a HUGE fan of the design mastermind behind Parson Gray, Mr. David Butler (aka Amy Butler's hubs) that I had to hit him up about the latest collection, his design process and creating for dudes! And wouldn't you know it, this classy fella gave me an  interview! So without further ado, a little "Get to Know Ya" time with David Butler!

Cabbage Rose: You've been incredibly successful in SO many other creative ventures: as a graphic designer, photographer, editor, even as an incredible musician with your band the Black Owls. What made you decide to add "fabric designer" to your bio?
Parson Gray: Peer pressure! Amy (Butler) and Joyce (from Westminster) kept after me for a few years. I really wanted to do it, but timing was an issue. Turns out all of the other stuff I was doing kept getting in the way! As a designer behind the scenes with Amy, I’ve been involved in helping her turn her hand-done art into digital art for many years. So I knew the ropes.
CR: We know you've gotten to do some amazing traveling over the past year with your main squeeze as well as some of your designer friends (yes, maybe we do stalk you on Facebook)! Where did you visit and how does being in a new place affect your creative vision? Do you find yourself working on vacation?
PG: I am blessed that Amy loves to travel as much as I do. AND she’s an easy traveler to boot. She can do carry on for a week in England’s winter and two weeks in Egypt’s deserts back to back. Pretty impressive. Egypt with Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mabley, Amy, and Edith Minne (Renaissance Ribbons) was truly a life changing experience. I absorbed so much both culturally and visually that the inspiration became overload. I don’t really ‘work’ on vacation but I collect ideas and take pictures to use later. My whole life is seeking inspiration, so it comes naturally to me. Amy and I were in the Turks and Caicos for a break too, which is so ripe with great colors and textures of a whole different palette. England is a place that we could both live, so whenever we go there we feel so at home, and the historical aspects are always inspiring. As well as the incredible gardens. 

CR: Curious Nature, Seven Wonders, World would seem you have a love affair with this little blue planet of ours and the inspiration you can harness from it. We are all natural observers, but what is it about the patterns you choose that makes you want to translate them to fabric?

PG: You know, it’s funny but so much about architecture and flourish and design is based on natural inspiration – and I think that’s inherent in everyone to some degree. The enormous round pillars in the temples at Luxor represent open and closed Lotus flowers. Muslim reliefs show fanciful vines and flora. Much of what I do is somewhat second-hand inspiration really. I draw so much from the historical context of art and architecture that is all ‘plant-based’ inspiration. Amy really draws directly from nature in a way that It’s very apparent, but my style is a bit more subtle in the type of geometry that I use to represent nature. It’s more architectural.
CR: You use some beautiful symbols in your newest collection World Tour like the flower of life and Tibetan knots; can you explain what these symbols mean to you?

PG: Well I do consider myself to be a somewhat “spiritual” person. I find a great deal of inspiration across many beliefs, not just one. The beauty of these symbols is their great ability to instill optimism in us. They are soothing. I don’t react as strongly to their meanings as I do their ability to create a meditative and comfortable ‘familiarity’ that gives you a sense of understanding. They’re peaceful. 
CR: I think your designs are EXACTLY what men are looking for these days. Especially since you've created a utility fabric like canvas, it’s that much easier to create even more than just slick looking quilts in your designs! If your lady were to present you with the perfect handmade gift made with your new Utility Canvas, what would it be? (I'm thinking of making my hubby a firewood carrier with them...thumbs up or down??)
PG: Firewood carrier is a great idea. A shop apron is great too, if he’s into wood or metalworking, or works on bikes. A bike messenger bag too.
CR: Any pointers on creating for guys in general? Sometimes we get SO stumped on what men will be into!
PG: The great secret? Guys like quilts. They like throws, but simple stuff. Stuff they don’t have to worry about getting dirty. My fabrics are great for that! They’re dirt friendly. Ha.

CR: Obviously you have a musical background, and honestly, all of your collections seem like they came straight out of the interior design story board for a rock star's urban loft! How does music influence your design sensibilities? Or vice-versa?
PG: It all comes from the same place. It’s all storytelling. I think of my design just like my lyrics, in a complete story. Dark yet optimistic, mysterious but comfortable. Parson Gray does the same thing for me that Black Owls do. It gives me a fun pulpit to tell my funky stories.
 Well there you have it! I just love getting a deeper look into the creative life of designers I admire! And thank you David for the awesome interview! We love what you're doing and look forward to seeing what you create in the future! You can shop David's new collection WORLD TOUR and through the end of the month, receive FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $35! Stock up on these awesome fabrics and get it them to you for LESS!! Still have some of Curious Nature in stock too!
Happy Creating!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Turn your Fab, Fat Quarters into a Sweet Apron!!

Aprons are one of those things...they just never seem like a bad idea! And when you can create a snappy looking REVERSIBLE beauty like this Jeni Reversible Apron with just a few Fat Quarters, well I can't say making an apron has ever been a BETTER idea!

A FABULOUS go-to project for gifts, home warming presents or for Christmas time! Give an amazing cook book to your favorite chef with this darling ditty and you'll be on their good list for life! Get crazy and make a whole Baking themed basket, complete with a new pair of mixing spoons (find some reasonable wooden ones and make them match the new apron with a little Mod Podge!

Such a cute and simple style but with those little details, it really sings! And when you're only using Fat Quarters, this is a great project to throw together whenever you need an awesome gift! DOWNLOAD THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE!!
 You've got to LOVE these Fat Quarter Gang projects from the fab folks over at Art Gallery Fabrics! Almost ALL of us have a more Fat Quarters than we know what to do with and their inspiring ideas are totally things we'd actually use, wear, gift or put in our homes! So next time you're at the Cabbage Rose and you're eyeing a new collection, just grab some Fat Quarters! There's SO many things you can do with these perfectly sized fabric pieces!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quilt-As-You-Go Baby Blanket & Pillow Tutorial!

I don't know about you but I am ALWAYS on the look out for super easy and adorable quilts that would be darling as baby gifts! There's just something about a new little one coming into the world that makes me want to just surround them in handmade things in gorgeous fabrics! Why not fill their world with color from the get-go right?! Well, this sweet and simple Woven Quilt Tutorial I found on the Riley Blake Cutting Corners blog (wonderful resource for projects by the way!) is a great design for doing just that!! Pick a favorite new fabric collection like Ladybug Garden by Doodlebug Designs or just a fabulous grouping of bright fabrics that you love together and you will have this little cutie created in NO TIME! And if you're REALLY in a time can pick a Jelly Roll and half the cutting is done for you!
And if you REALLY want to impress the new mama, make her a matching Woven Throw Pillow to go with! Perfect for placing in her glider or rocker for a little extra cushion during those late night feeding and rocking sessions!  Shop our Ribbons & Trims for fun embellishment options! Or just make your own "ribbons" with strips of fabric!

These are just TOO cute! Love the look with Chevrons and how cute would it be to use a bright background fabric instead of white? Even navy or gray would look fab! If Mama already has a color scheme for the nursery picked out, just make sure to stay with shades of those colors! But really, ANY color combination or fabric collection will look adorable made up into a woven quilt for baby!
What fabrics would YOU love to see in this project? Maybe some Amy Butler?? I'm thinking YES!
Happy Sewing!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fabric Feature: Madhuri by The Quilted Fish!

Bring on the bohemian feeling of Eastern inspirations with this super cute and fun collection, Madhuri by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Fabrics! Awesome color and inspiring pattern make this grouping an fabulous choice for creating quilts, decorating a girl's room or just adding a little punch to a sitting area!
And HOW INSPIRING was The Quilted Fish booth at this year's Spring Market?? I am just bursting with project ideas now! Everything from those cool fabric banners to covering a vintage trunk, there are SEW many ways to use a fabric collection in your home décor!
Especially into these covers they made for paper lanterns!! How easy and adorable is that?? A great idea for a child's bedroom or even some outdoor party décor for that backyard Summer soiree you have planned!!


I'm really digging those pajama pants too!! An easy design to hack and make all your own but I am totally into the sort of harem pant look achieved by putting the tie at the leg opening! Oh and can we talk about that pouf?? I love the pieced top, it really takes the whole thing to the next level!

Quilts, pillows, cushion covers, you NAME will look super cute dressed in these pretty prints from Madhuri! Mix and match with solids, dots, ginghams or chevrons for an even more dimensional look! The sky is truly the limit when it comes to creating with fabric! I hope you're all as inspired as I am now! Summer is time for creating and with bright fabrics like this, how can you resist?? You can check out the rest of The Quilted Fish's booth on Amanda's blog! She also has linked some talented ladies who made the mini quilts for her booth and they have shared their tutorials for creating them so go check 'em out!!
Happy Sewing! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Get the Kids Sewing THIS SUMMER!!!

Summer is a great time for kiddos to try new things and expand their minds creatively while away from the typical homework grind! And here at the Cabbage Rose, we believe that getting that giving kids a creative outlet that they can use their who life is cooler than cool!!! Whether they take up sewing pillowcases for all their friends' birthday gifts or make their very own quilt with our Kids Camp this JULY, we bet if you get them started now, they'll be sewing for life!!
It's almost time again for our annual Kid's Quilting Camp!! This is one of the most rewarding things we do all year because we get to see these amazing young minds create SUCH incredible quilts, usually for the very first time! Have your child join us for a week of quilting basics that will result in an amazing quilt top made completely by them! Each camper receives plenty of instruction from the Cabbage Rose girls, all fabric for their quilt top plus small bonus project, plus snacks and loads of fun each day! SIGN YOUR KIDS or GRANDCHILDREN UP TODAY!
We also have some AMAZING PROJECT BOOKS that have come out this season perfect for getting the young ones inspired and ready to start sewing awesome things for themselves and friends!
Like this great book, WE LOVE TO SEW by Annabel Wrigley. A collection of 28 imaginative projects specifically designed for girls 8 & up, your aspiring seamstress will quickly learn a variety of sewing skills and exude a fantastic “do-it-yourself” confidence. Each project showcases a fresh, modern style and is fully explained with step-by-step instructions, engaging photographs, and helpful tips. From simple rings and barrettes to more challenging bags and softies, these brilliant projects are the perfect way to introduce the wonderful world of sewing!
Sewing School 2: Lessons in Machine Sewing   Start to Stitch
More great options are Sewing School 2 and Start to Stitch!! Both are great for beginning seamstresses full of cool projects your kids will want to make over and over, for themselves, friend's birthday parties, Christmas gifts and MORE! Why not get them inspired by bringing them into the shop to start their fabric "STASH" and pick up one of these books! Show them all the things they can make and encourage them to pick out fabric for a specific project! We bet they will be SEW excited to get home and get started!!
Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker Extra Large  Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker Flower Small  Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker Heart Large  Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker Large
Expand your child's ability to create and embellish with one or two of these awesome Clover Yo-Yo Makers! SEW much fun can be had embellishing t-shirts, book bags or pillows with fun flower, heart or classic circular yo-yo's! You can even cover an entire quilt with them!
Pillowcase Kit - Funky Monkey Orange  Pillowcase Kit - Garden Party Orange  Pillowcase Kit - Ladies Stitching Club Fuschia
Pillowcase Kit - Pirate Matey’s Blue  Pillowcase Kit - Racing Gray  Pillowcase Kit - Spring Collection 2013 Lime
Our Pillowcase Kits are a FABULOUS first project for kids to learn how to use a sewing machine!! These sweet and simple pillowcases are already pre-cut to the right sizes so all you have to do is guide your child through a few straight lines and in less than an hour they will have an awesome completed project to be proud of! Each kit comes with fabric for a standard size pillowcase and the pattern!
SEW, what are you waiting for?? There's no time like the present to get the young ones sewing! The skills they learn will come in handy for the rest of their life so get them hooked NOW with fun projects from the Cabbage Rose!!