Friday, September 21, 2012

A Perfect Gift Idea: Voile Infinity Scarf!

So I thought about starting this blog post with a boring opening paragraph about how this year has literally flown by me but I've decided that whining about it is just wasting more time! I'd much rather spend it getting inspired or creating something special so with that in mind, here's a no-nonsense project idea I found on Sew4Home that is PERFECT for this year's handmade Christmas gift list! The Infinity Scarf is a fun accessory that looks awesome on everyone! Especially when made with flouncy, light-weight fabrics like our Designer Voiles, this style of scarf wears more like a statement necklace and is the perfect way to add some punch to a simple outfit!!

There's a lot of ways to wear them too! Whether you like yours doubled up, hooded, a long loop, a snug cowl, knotted or in a bow, this accessory will get you some serious fashion mileage! You can even wrap them around your wrist for a flashy, bohemian-style bracelet or tie it around the handle of your handbag when you want to add some interest to your look without another layer!
PLUS!! Two yards of 54" width Voile will get you TWO infinity scarves!! You really cannot beat that! We have some GORGEOUS voiles in the shop right now (including the print shown by Tina Givens) which would look fabulous as scarves for all of the amazing women in your life! They're fairly inexpensive and take less than an hour to make which is the recipe for a project WIN in my book! Think about how much time you'll save shopping for that super special gift when all you have to do is come to the Cabbage Rose, pick out a few prints with your recipients in mind, and in an afternoon you'll have whipped up some beautiful handmade gifts that will not only look fabulous but will also be really special! The great thing about sewing is you really can't do it without putting your heart into it, and we think why give something when you could give something from the heart??
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sweetwater's Mama Said Sew is in the Shop!!

Guess what just landed in the shop??? Mama Said Sew is the greatest new collection in red, gray, black and white and of course, Sweetwater's signature style!! Great graphic prints with a classic look abound making these prints versatile for any of your upcoming projects!! Have you ever thought about making a certain fabric collection or pattern the theme of your handmade Christmas gifts? I was just thinking how fabulous it would be to create all of the presents on my list with these great prints!! Just think of how cool it would be to make handmade ties for the guys in your life with the tiny zig zag prints, diagonal ginghams, or the ticking stripes with big polka dots for the bold fellas! Even the pinwheel prints would be fun!
I think this collection would be amazing for creating some chic and simple skirts or dresses for your girls! Pick a few of your favorite prints and make several Paper Bag Skirts! Or if you want to get a little funky, use several prints in a tiered skirt like the Girly Skirt or the Twirling Skirt!! Pair them with a plain white, black or gray tshirt or sweater and you're ready for any occasion! I bet you couldn't resist making something cute for yourself too, how about using one of the Fashion Formula booklets? They have several styles in each and easy formulas for getting your perfect fit!
Want to make a modern and fun quilt for someone on your list? Try the Neighborhood Charm Quilt that I found on the Moda Bake Shop blog! All you need is:
1¼ yards background fabric
yard binding fabric
44" x 45" backing fabric
44" x 45" batting
It is a small quilt but its perfect for draping over laps that are lounging on the couch while doing some handwork or watching a movie! It would also make a beautiful baby quilt or wall hanging...and it would most definitely look lovely hung over the foot of a bed or the back of loveseat! You can get the full instructions here!
As all of you Sweetwater fans know, they are pretty darn famous for their fabulous text-filled prints! I'm so in love with the sewing definitions! How cute would this be for making sewing room accessories? A little TOO cute!!! They also won't last long so if you love 'em, get 'em while you can!!

Oh my, I have just about the biggest crush on these grays! Make an arrangement of throw pillows in an assortment of the gray prints for a modern monochromatic look on a light colored couch, or use the whole colorway to add some punch to a dark sofa!!

These red and whites are really awesome too and they would look amazing in an all red and white quilt or you can work them in to your Christmas decor projects!! 
But however you decide to use them, we're sure you'll love bringing this collection into your home!! If you're in the area, come see these gorgeous prints in person!! Or shop them all online here! Don't forget to share those project pictures with us on Facebook! We always want to see how our amazing customers are using our favorite lines! And don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY below!!
Happy Sewing! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fabric Feature: Madrona Road by Violet Craft

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope your week is going well and whether you're working, hanging out with the kiddos, or a combination of the two, you're finding a little you-time for creating!! Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration, a little creating and you have a whole new zest for other areas in your life! So if you're feeling busy and scattered, try taking a break once a day to dream up a new project or collect a new fabric or work on something you've been meaning to get to! I bet its worth it!! And with that in mind, we've been getting TONS of new fabric into the shop these days, including this brand new collection from Michael Miller...Madrona Road by Violet Craft!
 Some of the Cabbage Rose Girls got to see this collection in action already at Spring Market, but we all cannot WAIT to start creating with it. These adorable prints come in two super cute colorways! Kinda obsessed with pinks, mustards, and purples right now...could you tell?? Its a really sweet girly color scheme for Fall and I see everything from simple Paper Bag Skirts to Shift Dresses, Tote Bags and MORE in these beautiful shades!!
Or how about redoing a room for the country girl at heart in the blue, citron, and gray colorway?? If you're doing a bedroom, a new quilt for the bed is a MUST! And a few coordinating pillows! I think anything from a simple patchwork or strip quilt to a traditional design will end up looking fabulous with these fun and vintage-inspired prints with a modern-looking twist! Check out all of our quilt patterns here! 
I saw this adorable house quilt on Violet Craft's blog and nearly had a heart attack!! It's SO cute! I'd love to see a quilt like that hanging on a light gray or blue wall! Depending on the color choices it could be made to suit anyone's taste! It would also be super cute to just do one house or the row house like on the back of the Madrona Road Neighborhood quilt above and frame it for homemade fabric wall art!! You could even fuse it down for a really fast project! Applique one to a pillow or the bottom of a pre-bought curtain...or make your own from scratch! There's lots of ways to take an idea and run, make it your own, express your personal style! So keep looking for inspiration, if something seems difficult, try imagining simpler ways to do it! You'll be suprised what you can accomplish when you give your amazing mind a task! And remember, creativity doesn't run simply spreads! I hope this collection has inspired you as much as it has us, what would you like to make out of Madrona Road??
Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Moda Designers Blog Hop!

Join the Moda Designers for an adventure as they celebrate National Sewing Month!
For 10 days starting today, there will be 1 post from 3 different designers showcasing different styles, projects and what is going on in their life- hopping all over the globe to visit each hometown.
Sit back and make a cup of tea and enjoy all things Moda!

Prizes will be announced on each blog! And don't forget to 
stop by moda's blog the Cutting Table all throughout the hop!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fabric Feature: Out to Sea by Sarah Jane!!

I'm pretty sure we're all near cuteness overload but this collection just HAS to be talked about! Ever since we saw Sarah Jane's booth at Spring Market we've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Out to Sea and now that its here we don't know what to do with ourselves!! Too many creative ideas just spring to life in the presence of these adorable maritime inspired prints!
I guess that's why Sarah Jane decided to host the Out to Sea DIY Blog Tour featuring this adorable collection! There is just SO much you can do with these fabrics, its a little crazy!

LOVE the Narwhal Pillow!! Perfect if you're redoing a kids room in this collection or just to add a little whimsy to an already nautical decor!!

I totally laughed out loud with glee when I saw the Narwhal Wall Mount! Such a fun and creative way to bring some pattern to the wall in a wee one's room!

Does your little one love pirates?? Make them this super sweet Pirate Doll with the tutorial by One More Mushroom! How cute would it be to give a pirate themed gift, complete with an Out to Sea quilt and this little guy as a new member of their pirate crew!

The Anchor Pillow by Tea Rose Home would look totally adorable on a neutral couch or your favorite chair! I love all things nautical and this fun pillow is a easy way to add a punch of it into your decor!
I just LOVE all of the Map Panels, each panel comes with 4 maps on it so you can create fun placemats, a map pillow or two, or frame it for wall art in a nautical themed room!! You can download the instructions for this Rounded Cushion here!
How about making Amy Butler's Must Have Pillow with your favorite prints from the collection for a nursery? The pattern is ON SALE this week too!

And don't think this line is just for the kiddos!! You really can't get any more chic than the Anchor Skirt! Doesn't it look like something straight from Anthropologie?? I love how Cotton & Curls styled it with a simple gray tee to really let her creation stand out! Even if you're not into the nautical prints, that's one skirt pattern you'll come back to again and again!

I absolutely LOVE a peter pan collar and Cotton & Curls strikes again with this detachable version in the pretty Sea Flowers print! What a fun way to dress up a plain shirt!! You could even embellish with a little button in the center to make it your own! I think I might make a few as Christmas gifts! 

There will be more projects shared throughout the month on Sarah Jane's blog so keep checking back there every Wednesday for more inpsiring ideas for using this collection! We hope you're all just as charmed by it as we are!