Wednesday, February 13, 2013

After-School Sewing Series Success

Check out these AMAZING scarves that some of Caroline's After-School Sewing Students created yesterday afternoon!! They did such a good job and really were excited to see what they could make for themselves with a little patience and a few straight stitches! Love the fabrics they chose too!
Now these kiddos are equipped to make gifts for friends and family as well as a new scarf or two each year for themselves! Handmade gifts are always a little bit more special and now they can enjoy an entire creative process whenever they have an occasion for gifting! Getting them started on a sewing machine this early is a wonderful way to give them a useful, life-long creative outlet that can be used to make life a little grander!
We can't WAIT to see what they whip up next week! These kids are really excited to keep making and we're thrilled to see the joy of sewing in them so young!

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