Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Patterns for Life - Laurel Dress by Colette Patterns

I know you may not believe me when I say this...but there IS such a thing as a perfect pattern. What qualifies for such a lofty adjective you ask? Well here are my criteria for what makes a pattern, perfect!
1. It has well-written directions/easy to follow
2. It is fairly quick to create
3. It can be made in lots of fabrics for not a lot of fabric
4. Lots of potential customizations and easy-to-make adjustments
5. Actually fits (and FEELS GOOD to wear)
6. I want to make it again

And you guessed it...I'm here to show off a pattern that fits ALL those requirements! Incredible isn't it? Well I've learned to expect to incredible from the design mind behind Colette Patterns, Sarai Mitnick because every time this lady releases another pretty pattern, I'm just floored! It usually starts of like "How hasn't anyone designed THIS before?"...sometimes genius is found in utter simplicity and with the Laurel Dress, there's no exception. This super simple yet totally chic shift dress is THE DRESS that belongs in every woman's closet so its definitely a little shocking that it took until 2013 (believe me, CAROLINE AND I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YEARS) to get this perfect of a frock on the market...but I GUESS perfection can't be rushed!
All I'm saying is...this is the dress you can wear to any event, on any occasion, in any kind of fabric no matter what your body type!
Not only is it THE ONLY DRESS I've wanted to make in every one of my favorite fabrics (great for slashing your stash), but you can easily convert this design into a pretty and feminine blouse! 
PLUS!! Sarai created this amazing and FREE bonus booklet with 9 different variations! The Extras Booklet is a totally free download (you don’t even need to buy the pattern), and includes a Basics sections with full instructions on making and using bias tape, plus photo-illustrated instructions for creating any of the variations you see, and even a few extra small pattern pieces to help! Here are some of my favorite variations!


As you know, if its an incredible new dress pattern, our girl Caroline will be the first to try it out! And she absolutely LOVED it!! She used a gorgeous hand painted print from Tangier Ikat by Dena Designs for Free Spirit Fabrics and my goodness, it came out totally gorgeous! Proof that you can go BIG with prints when creating Laurel, something Caroline was a little nervous about but totally got over once it was finished! I mean just look at that WOW of a dress! She had some adjustments to make for her figure (you can read about those here) but it was all super easy, looks amazing on her and its comfy to wear!

So, have I inspired you yet?? Seriously if you're not heading to the Cabbage Rose to pick out some new fabric and purchase this pattern RIGHT NOW, I don't know what you're doing with your life!! Okay that was a bit strong, but still! This dress is just dying to made a million different ways and get lots of wear in your wardrobe! Make it in a solid with a little extra detail if you can't see yourself making a dozen of will get so much mileage out of a navy or black shift dress! Add a little ruffle detail to the neck and you fancy!

I'll be sharing another design that's knocking our socks off later this week so stay tuned and...

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