Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fabric Feature: Madrona Road by Violet Craft

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope your week is going well and whether you're working, hanging out with the kiddos, or a combination of the two, you're finding a little you-time for creating!! Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration, a little creating and you have a whole new zest for other areas in your life! So if you're feeling busy and scattered, try taking a break once a day to dream up a new project or collect a new fabric or work on something you've been meaning to get to! I bet its worth it!! And with that in mind, we've been getting TONS of new fabric into the shop these days, including this brand new collection from Michael Miller...Madrona Road by Violet Craft!
 Some of the Cabbage Rose Girls got to see this collection in action already at Spring Market, but we all cannot WAIT to start creating with it. These adorable prints come in two super cute colorways! Kinda obsessed with pinks, mustards, and purples right now...could you tell?? Its a really sweet girly color scheme for Fall and I see everything from simple Paper Bag Skirts to Shift Dresses, Tote Bags and MORE in these beautiful shades!!
Or how about redoing a room for the country girl at heart in the blue, citron, and gray colorway?? If you're doing a bedroom, a new quilt for the bed is a MUST! And a few coordinating pillows! I think anything from a simple patchwork or strip quilt to a traditional design will end up looking fabulous with these fun and vintage-inspired prints with a modern-looking twist! Check out all of our quilt patterns here! 
I saw this adorable house quilt on Violet Craft's blog and nearly had a heart attack!! It's SO cute! I'd love to see a quilt like that hanging on a light gray or blue wall! Depending on the color choices it could be made to suit anyone's taste! It would also be super cute to just do one house or the row house like on the back of the Madrona Road Neighborhood quilt above and frame it for homemade fabric wall art!! You could even fuse it down for a really fast project! Applique one to a pillow or the bottom of a pre-bought curtain...or make your own from scratch! There's lots of ways to take an idea and run, make it your own, express your personal style! So keep looking for inspiration, if something seems difficult, try imagining simpler ways to do it! You'll be suprised what you can accomplish when you give your amazing mind a task! And remember, creativity doesn't run simply spreads! I hope this collection has inspired you as much as it has us, what would you like to make out of Madrona Road??
Happy Sewing!!

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