Friday, September 21, 2012

A Perfect Gift Idea: Voile Infinity Scarf!

So I thought about starting this blog post with a boring opening paragraph about how this year has literally flown by me but I've decided that whining about it is just wasting more time! I'd much rather spend it getting inspired or creating something special so with that in mind, here's a no-nonsense project idea I found on Sew4Home that is PERFECT for this year's handmade Christmas gift list! The Infinity Scarf is a fun accessory that looks awesome on everyone! Especially when made with flouncy, light-weight fabrics like our Designer Voiles, this style of scarf wears more like a statement necklace and is the perfect way to add some punch to a simple outfit!!

There's a lot of ways to wear them too! Whether you like yours doubled up, hooded, a long loop, a snug cowl, knotted or in a bow, this accessory will get you some serious fashion mileage! You can even wrap them around your wrist for a flashy, bohemian-style bracelet or tie it around the handle of your handbag when you want to add some interest to your look without another layer!
PLUS!! Two yards of 54" width Voile will get you TWO infinity scarves!! You really cannot beat that! We have some GORGEOUS voiles in the shop right now (including the print shown by Tina Givens) which would look fabulous as scarves for all of the amazing women in your life! They're fairly inexpensive and take less than an hour to make which is the recipe for a project WIN in my book! Think about how much time you'll save shopping for that super special gift when all you have to do is come to the Cabbage Rose, pick out a few prints with your recipients in mind, and in an afternoon you'll have whipped up some beautiful handmade gifts that will not only look fabulous but will also be really special! The great thing about sewing is you really can't do it without putting your heart into it, and we think why give something when you could give something from the heart??
Happy Sewing!

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