Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cabbage Rose Laser-Cut Appliques + a How-To Video!!

If you've been in the Cabbage Rose lately, you'll know that we've become a little obsessed with this amazing new way to do applique and let me tell you, we are running with it!! Our Laser-Cut Block of the Month programs are pretty simple:
First, we choose an amazingly intricate quilt that will knock your socks off as far as looks go (like these) but might give you a heart attack when you think about how much time they will take! At least that was always our reaction to them before we discovered this amazing method!!
Second, our color experts choose the most beautiful fabrics to try and recreate the look of the original quilts but with some fabrics that our own picks! Most quilts will look nearly identical to their originals and some we'll do our own thing! Especially with our kits, we love to play with color palettes so there's something for everyone!
Next we take all of the prep-work out of your end by making sure every single applique piece needed for the block that month will come laser-cut to perfection with fusible already on the back!! So here's what you might need!
Once you get your month's block or your new kit, all you'll have to do is prepare your background fabric, lay it over the template provided (making sure its centered!), peel the paper off the back of each applique piece and create the design!
Once all the pieces are in place, lay your pressing sheet over the entire design and iron! Then, you're all ready to start stitching those pieces to the background using your favorite method!! But, if you'd really like to see how easy it is, just watch this video!!
All the Cabbage Rose Girls are loving the looks of a super cute blanket stitch but you could totally do a straight stitch or a zig zag with your machine if you really want to get the project done!!! This method is really fun and easy even for beginning quilters and since you don't have to cut or pin anything, you will save SO much time!! Even Caroline who has never appliqued in her life decided to start My Whimsical Garden in Chocolate after making this video becuase she saw how easy and rewarding it was!!
Don't feel like tackling something so long-term? Try one of our Laser-Cut Kits for making your own quilt in a snap, embellishing a onesie, a book bag, tea towels, a wall hanging and much more! You could even make one of our kits a fun party activity like Karen's oldest grandbaby Ava!!
She wanted to have a cupcake making party so they created Ava's Bake Shoppe and everyone started the party off with decorating their own baker's aprons with our Hooterville & Bloom Laser-Cut Applique Kits!! Mom's can help iron and you really don't even have to stitch them down if you press them really well!! So you have a near instant craft project that's much cuter than it is effort! And there's not a huge mess to clean up!! After everyone made their aprons, they got to work on their baking and decorating their sweet treats! Fun!!!


How cute is that??? A perfect party theme that's creative and fun and best of all, not a lot of work!! You can use our Laser-Cut Kits for so many different things, your imagination is the limit! You can create wall art, decorate a bunch of different room accessories for a whole themed bedroom!
We're currently dreaming up TONS of new ideas for all sorts of Laser-Cut designs that we'll be wheeling out once we get back from Houston so keep watching our newsletter and website for the latest and greatest in Laser-Cuts!!!

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