Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Create a Giant Star Quilt from Fat Quarters!!

The design minds over at Art Gallery Fabrics are always so inspirational! I've always been fond of the awesome Fat Quarter Gang projects their arsenal of designers keeps coming up with but after reading through this tutorial, found this amazing quilt by Jeni Baker really caught my eye! A simple star made even easier by the size of the blocks used, this quilt can come together in an afternoon! AND there are lots of different options for choosing fabrics, Jeni made some super cool graphics so you can visualize how the color choices look! 

Great for using a whole collection or mixing tons of crazy and bold prints for a super bohemian look! Keep the background fabric a small scale print or a solid to really make that star POP!

I feel like this is a perfect amount of fabrics to choose for a beginner quilter! Make sure the 4 colors you pick are ones you REALLY love and like shown in the graphic, choose a darker and lighter shade of each color to add more interest!

And here's a fun look for a super modern quilt! I would even love to see this in 4 shades of the same color for a cool tonal effect! A great layout to choose if making a baby blanket as you don't have to choose many fabrics and run the risk of it clashing with the nursery! Stick with Solid colors for a quilt that they can truly grow with!!
Bijoux Divine Gypsy Rosewood   Bijoux Exotic Bandana Oasis  Bijoux Mystic Traveler Magenta
We just got in these awesome fabrics from Bari J.'s newest collection Bijoux and I think this quilt would be the perfect project for these pretty prints!! Mix in some solids or small scale prints in coordinating colors and you'll have yourself a beautiful and rich quilt in no time!!
So come on up to the Cabbage Rose and pick out some fabulous Fat Quarters for your new Giant Star Quilt! We are here to help you with fabric choices and would LOVE to see what you're planning! Come get creative with us!! Happy Sewing!

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