Monday, March 23, 2015

Menagerie Bag Sew Along & FREE Pattern with Anna Maria Horner!

Who doesn't need an incredible new every day bag this Spring? I know I do, so when I saw this AWESOME new bag design by Anna Maria Horner I got a little excited...and then when I realized she worked with Janome to create a sew-along video, I got  A LOT more excited! This bag is fun and interesting and you can make it super feminine or ultra modern all depending on what fabrics you pick and how you embellish! The bag construction is fairly simple, leaving you even more time to make it totally your own with embroidery or whatever fun details you want! This bag is also, like, the PERFECT size. Enough room for carrying all the essentials plus extra space for a big water bottle or your design note book!
And it's a great project to use your favorite Anna Maria Horner prints that you've been hoarding! Or a great excuse to buy some of her fabulous new collection, Folk Song!
Folk Song Minor Chords Lapis  Folk Song Diamond Mine Pomegranate  Folk Song Little Honey Gold
Folk Song Coloring Garden Dusk  Folk Song Small Gathering Azalea  Folk Song Fortune Sea

You can download the pattern and instructions here! But be sure to watch this video for helpful hints or if you're just a completely visual learn (like me).
Happy Sewing!

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bec314wis said...

Is there a reason (other than fashion) why the bottom section needs to be bunched? I'm not that good at doing bunching's...