Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School!!!

Well, it's about that time again isn't it? This summer has passed so fast! Today I wanted to share a few great "back to school" projects that will make the return much more fun for your kiddos, whether they are starting 1st grade or their first semester of college!

The Smarty Girl Bag would be great for girls of any age to carry their books in style!

The High Street Messanger Bag has a cool unisex design, just find fabrics that suit your student!

The Little Jellies pattern comes with patterns for 3 different size bags! Perfect for keeping pens and pencils together, a makeup bag, or a way to keep their graphing calculators and protractors safe!

What's more important to a college kid then their laptop and ipod? Protect them with pizzaz by making them an awesome Laptop Cover & MP3 Case!

Who doesn't need extra seating in their dorm room?? The Honey Bun Poufs have patterns for 2 sizes so they can work in the closest of corners!

College usually means going to class in what you woke up in. Make your guys and gals some cool pj pants! You can use any cotton fabric or flannel for the colder months!

How about making some cool Midwest Mod Pillows to really help a dorm room become a home away from home? We also have tons of pillowcase kits that are great for adding a little funk!

This post could go on for days because we have so many neat patterns in the shop that you could use to create awesome items that will make going back to school a little more cool! So check them out! And share your ideas in the comments!

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