Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scenes from the Shop!

Hey there ladies! I just wanted to give you a peek at what the shop is looking like these days! So many cute little sections, I'm bursting to show yall!

Some of our beautiful new fall lines like Awesome and October!

And some pretty fall colored batiks!

Our new little embroidery pattern section! Isn't it adorable???

Check out our layer cakes! We've been getting lots of new Special Cuts coming in which are PERFECT for getting all the fabrics from a new line in easy to use sizes!

Our new pillowcase kit display! We've been making a bunch of new kits in the new lines that are coming in!

Hope this little mini-tour of the shop inspires you to get into a crafty mood for the new season! There are so many new ideas and projects to be explored! So come into the shop if you're in the area or peruse our extensive selection online! We know you'll find something to tickle your fancy! ;)


Strlady said...

That Wee Woodland Layer Cake looks so cute!!

Debbie said...

Love the pillowcase kits. But have one observation--where is the kit for the United States Marine Corp. My son will be deploying soon for the 3rd time. Would have ordered a kit to make a pillowcase for his girlfriend.