Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Party Time!!!

The 2010 Patchwork Party - Fall Edition is now underway! Join in with this fun event touring 12 different quilt shops collecting blocks as you go to make a fabulous quilt like this one! ;)

This is our finished quilt using all 12 blocks! You can get this finishing kit here!

And here's the block you can get from our shop!

We also have templates you can get to help you perfectly cut and put together these blocks! Customers who cut with the templates, follow the instructions and sew with an accurate 1/4 inch will make good, square blocks that are the correct size all around! You can also head here to get the template maker's tips for accurate cutting and correct pressing which are very helpful for new quilters!! 

You can find all the info you need on our Patchwork Party page here! So join the party!!!

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