Monday, October 11, 2010

DIY Wall Hangings!

Hey Ladies! I thought it was about time for a tutorial so I'm going to teach you how to make these oh-so-simple fabric wall hangings! I'm sure you've seen this done before but I figured there's probably someone out there who'd love the step-by-step!

What you'll need:

Embroidery hoop
Fabric big enough to fit your hoop (fat quarters or charm packs would be perfect!)
Scissors or pinking shears

Once you've picked out your fabric, you need to cut it into a square. Make sure it's big enough to fit around the hoop with some extra space for tucking but not SOOO big that you have a mess of fabric in the back. I like using pinking shears because they keep the fabric from unraveling!

Now, put your fabric in the hoop! Be sure the hoop is centered on your fabric and tighten the hoop until you feel resistance.

Turn the hoop over and tuck the excess fabric over. Some people glue the fabric to the inside of the hoop but that's too much like work for me!

Just run your iron over it! It'll lie as flat as a board on your wall AND it's not permanent!

Now all you have to do is hang this little cutie on a small nail and there you have it! Your very own cutomized wall art! You can hang them in different sizes in little clusters or you could pepper them through a wall of family photos or your art collection! Such a fun way to add color and pattern to a space! Mine are hanging in my studio! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I was cleaning my sewing room and was just about to toss out my embroidery hoops, since I don't do Cross Stitch any longer. Now I have a "design" idea that I really love. Thanks again.

Oddie Plemons