Monday, June 20, 2011

Kid's Camp Quilt Show!

Our first week of Kid's Camp was a total success! Our campers had a blast learning the ins and outs of quilt construction while enjoying the ability to stretch their creative muscles with picking out fabrics and deciding what goes where! And look at those finished products! Everyone's quilt top came out so amazing! All of the parents were wowed by how much their kids had learned in one short week at the Kid's Camp Quilt Show this past Friday!

Here they are showing their BONUS pillowcase project!

The campers were in love with all of our tissue paper flower decorations all over the store so we gave them a little tutorial and they each made their own to hang in their rooms! Too cute!

If you have wanted to get your kids into sewing or at least have them learn the basics, then sign them up for our final round of Kid's Camp! They'll be creating the same big star quilt you see in the first picture which is a great first timer project! Camp is open to kids ages 7-15 and includes all the fabric they'll need, quilt pattern, class instructions, yummy snacks and few extra surprises! It's only a month away so SIGN UP your kiddos now!

Date: July 25-29, each day from 9am-12pm

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