Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quilt Across Texas!

2011 is the 175th anniversary of Texas Independence and it is also the year of the 1st Annual Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop! This statewide event will be held during the month of September, 2011 and will include over 90 quilt shops located throughout the state of Texas. During the month, visitors are invited to stop at each shop participating in the event to take advantage of special Texas-themed quilt designs, quilt block patterns, giveaways, and prizes both on statewide and regional levels!

To qualify for the prizes, a passport called The Guide will be required which will be stamped at each store when visited. The Guide will contain useful information about the shops that are involved, maps of Texas and other interesting facts. The Guide will be available at all participating shops for $5 and will contain a $5 coupon that is redeemable at any of the 90 shops. You can buy it HERE!

Moda has also created a Quilt Across Texas Fabric collection in honor of the event and while it won't ship until September, it's now available for PRE-SALE!!

Quilt Across Texas Fabric  Quilt Across Texas Fabric  Quilt Across Texas Fabric
You can see the rest of the collection here!

So gather up all your friends and join a shop hop so big it covers the state of Texas! ;)

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