Friday, July 22, 2011

A Thread of Thought

Good morning ladies!! Last night was the Marie Bostwick Book Signing & Presentation and I just have to say it was incredible! She was such an inspiration to listen to and brought the entire room to tears on various occasions with all of her wonderful stories! Her words were nothing short of uplifting and empowering, she really left us all so thankful to be in the same position as the subjects of her novels, surrounded by fabric, surrounded by quilts and most importantly, surrounded by women...who have all walked similar paths and experienced similar heart break. And what's magical about being apart of a quilt shop is being able to hear those stories, to help mend the hearts by nothing more than talking fabric or dishing about latest projects! Watching creativity mend people's lives, like stitching together a quilt is a beautiful process that we are so incredibly blessed to have witnessed so often thoughout our time as Cabbage Rose. So many women have come through our doors over the years seeking a safe place, a haven or a getaway...and we were all so thankful for being reminded of what it means to be apart of quilt shop. Thank you Marie, for sharing your story and the stories of others. It's so good to be reminded of how women banded together, with the comforting help of fabric, can overcome any and every obstacle!

Threading the Needle

I would love to encourage you all to pick yourself up one or ALL of Marie's books! The themes of her Cobbled Court series are centered around these very ideas and are just SO encouraging as well as entertaining! She was wonderful enough to sign the rest of the books that we had left over so if you would like pick up your own SIGNED COPY, we have some available here and in our Books section! And to all of you who came out, thank you so much! We hope she left you all as encouraged and inspired as us! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

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