Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quilt Across Texas Has Begun!!!

We've been having so much fun getting prepared for the 1st Annual Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop and we're SO excited it's finally here!!! We've sectioned off a corner of our classroom to house all of our awesome QAT goodies! Isn't it awewsome???

We've got TONS of Quilt Across Texas yardage and pre-cuts available and if you've purchased any during our pre-sale, we will start shipping those orders out today!!

Pillowcase Kit - Quilt Across Texas Bluebonnets   Pillowcase Kit - Quilt Across Texas Cities   Pillowcase Kit - Quilt Across Texas Flags Blue   Pillowcase Kit - Quilt Across Texas Flags White

How cute are these NEW QAT Pillowcase Kits??? I'm loving all the Texas Pride!!

Quilt Across Texas - The Guide      Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop Souvenir Map      Quilt Across Texas Tote Bag

 To qualify for the prizes, a passport called The Guide will be required which will be stamped at each store when visited. The Guide will contain useful information about the shops that are involved, maps of Texas and other interesting facts. It is available at all participating shops for $5 and will contain a $5 coupon that is redeemable at any of the 90 shops! You'll definitely want to grab one of the Souvenir Maps so you have all 8 reigons mapped out with each of the 91 shops and their contact information ... all at your fingertips! And maybe the Quilt Across Texas Tote Bag to keep your passport, map and more close at hand during the hop!

 There's even an App for QAT!!! All you iPhone savvy, technology lovers, you can now download the FREE Quilt Across Texas App from the iTunes store! This tool is designed for Quilters to bring all the main information about Quilt Across Texas participating shops that are nearby. It provides a listing all the quilt shops nearby which enables quilters to find the nearest store and open the Map to get there! The user can add the frequently accessed stores to their Favorites so they can easily access them in future! Too cool!

So come on out to the Cabbage Rose and start the Hop here!!!

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