Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Curious Nature is in the Shop!

We fell in love with Parson Gray, the design guise of the super-talented  David Butler when we saw his amazing booth at Market this past Fall! The hubby of our long time friend and design whiz Amy Butler is breaking out from his photographer/rock star hat and has hit the ground running in the fabric world with his debut collection, Curious Nature!!

Curious Nature French Quarter Arctic  Curious Nature Starcomb Darkwater  Curious Nature Universe Night
Curious Nature Trade Blanket Smoke  Curious Nature Empire Mark Night  Curious Nature Coral Reef Darkwater

This is an absolutely awesome collection for the guys in your life! We all know it can be so difficult shopping for that perfect mix of masculinity and style when shopping for fabric but David has answered all those questions of "what would a guy like" with this collection! The prints work wonderful together or on their own, and the graphic prints are the type of textures you could see any cool guy surrounding himself with!

Curious Nature Quilt

I really love the FREE PATTERN David designed for this collection! It's sleek, modern and like the fabrics that make it up, its a great graphic design that guys will love!

David shared this picture on the Parson Gray Facebook page and it got my head spinning with great ideas for clothing and accessories for the fellas! Create everything from chill pajama pants for your high school grad to wear around the dorm this Fall, to stylish and chic dress shirts and ties for your working man! Speaking of college, I think creating everything your college man would need at his home away from home would look oh-so-stylish in these prints. A quilt and pillows is necessary to start, then how about whipping up a few Honey Bun Poufs all in one fabric or in many so he can have some extra seating. Sew a strip of one or several coordinating prints onto all of his towels so he doesn't loose them! Maybe a fun laundry bag will actually get him to the laundromat instead of bringing all that dirty laundry home for mom to do...yeah, maybe not but you can at least try!! :)

Or how about an awesome messanger bag? Here's David  sporting the High Street Messanger Bag created with his one of his fabulous Home Decor Cotton Sateens and hardware from an old Army/Navy Store messager bag that he found for $5! I don't know a guy alive who wouldn't carry his books or laptop to school or work with a cool bag like that! Just remember with the guys, its all in the details!

So how has Curious Nature inspired you? Share with us in the comments what you plan to make!!

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Ramona said...

I love this line of fabrics. This is definitely going on my wish list!!