Monday, January 7, 2013

Pablo Strikes Again!!

Check out this FAB quilt that Pablo just made!! He is really getting us all inspired to think outside the box all while keeping things simple, easy and totally cool!! We have had just a couple of the fun prints from Ty Pennington's Impressions 2012 collection that didn't really seem like enough to make a quilt with but leave it to a man to try and prove the ladies wrong! ;)

Pablo grabbed the few bold prints, threw in a coordinating solid or two, added an Amy Butler print for good measure and whipped out this fast and modern quilt that is just jaw-dropping good! The way he did the borders is a great trick for adding some width to a small quilt pattern to make it larger, or to build size when you're low on yardage! I also LOVE that he did a little fussy-cutting on that hexy stripe to make the center strip look like the inverse of the two strips framing the top and bottom! Such a clever move to get more bang out of a bold, large-scale fabric! 

He even got super fancy and used all the prints he had left over to make a big wonky patchwork backing instead of trying to get enough of one fabric for the whole thing!! And let me just tell you, this quilt is crazy good and it looks even cooler in person!

SO, what can we learn from this awesome project???

1. Just because there are only a few prints left, doesn't mean you can't make an AMAZING quilt
2. When in doubt, bring in the SOLIDS
3. A little fussy-cutting on a big print goes a LONG way
4. Low yardage is an opportunity to think outside the box! If you LOVE a fabric, DON'T LET IT GO!!
5. Pieced backings are economical & cool, NEVER worry about finding enough backing again!

We hope we've inspired you to use fabric in a new way or to create something fabulous with that small grouping of prints you snagged the last of! Quilts with a lot of prints are wonderful, but we also love the modern and fresh look of Pablo's and other quick quilts like it! And if you LOVE projects like this that anyone with some imagination can do, SIGN UP FOR SEW FRESH! Our first sewing night of the new year is this Thursday from 6pm-9pm and we're going to be doing tons of fun stuff like this all year long! Come and  share the inspiration!!

Happy Sewing!!

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