Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Handmade Halloween - Quick & Cute Ideas from Martha Stewart!

Let me guess, you're semi-stressing about Halloween costumes for the kiddos? You want to make something cute and memorable but our already busy schedules simply don't want to budge all that much for...costume making. It's a tough predicament, I know! But don't worry, the original Queen of Crafting is here to save the day again! I found some SUPER CUTE and oh-sew-simple costume ideas on the Martha Stewart Blog and they are all excellent ideas for last minute handmade goodness!!
For instance, this easy-peasy Red Riding Hood ensemble is really just a handmade cape! And Martha's got a FREE PATTERN for it right here. All you need to do is find some red fabric! Any kind of dress will do for your little lady! Just make sure she has a basket for Grandma's house and Little Red Riding Hood will be ready for trick or treating in YOUR hood!

This idea may have made me squeal a little from the cute! I just LOVE the petal collar and pistil headbands! Easy to create in one dedicated evening! Pair it with a simple t-shirt dress and fun tights! If you have several kiddos this Flower Bouquet is a great group idea!
How stunning are these Madam Butterfly wings? A bit of a step up from the other costumes, but still simple enough to get done in time! There's a template for creating the wings and the best way to let these beautiful wings stand out is to dress your kiddo head to toe in black!
And probably the simplest of them all to pull off, your child can be their very own SUPERHERO (with a little help from Mom)! You can either fish out a plain, long-sleeve t-shirt out of your kiddos dresser or grab one super cheap at Target! Use metallic or crazy leggings for girl bottoms and maybe go with pajama pants for boys! Now, how exciting you get is up to you! I love the idea of appliqueing their initial on the shirt or a fun symbol of their choosing! If you need a template, you can get them here! Belts, headbands, masks and capes can be made SEW simply with fabric and embellishments...just be creative! You can even make cool cuffs and belts with duct tape, then you can draw on neat details with a Sharpie if you're artistic!
I don't know about you, but I am totally ready for Halloween now! These are great jump off points and I've gotten so many ideas just brainstorming with these! See the rest of Martha's awesome handmade costumes for kids post here for even more great ideas!

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