Thursday, July 31, 2014

More from Kid's Camp!

Here are some great progress pics from this year's Kid's Camp! Piecing that star was no trouble for Lindsey! Love the graphic look this gray, yellow & white quilt has!


Karen's grandbabies made their Kid's Camp debut this year! Here's Ava working away and Miss Lisa helping Maddie! If you look hard enough, you can see Kaitlyn! Even the twin boys bellied up to the sewing machine tables and made some awesome quilts, bags & pillowcases of their own!


Emily's blue, green & turquoise quilt bursts with color and impact! What a fun look she created for Summer! All of our campers got to pick out all their own fabrics so these quilts are truly their own! We love to encourage kids to be bold and choose what makes their hearts happy! Sometimes, we're a little worried when they bring up their assortments because as adults, we can't always SEE it. But they always blow us away with the final results! Kids get color like no one else!
We had such a good time sharing our sewing know-how with these young ones! Passing on traditions to younger generations is something we've always been so passionate about at the Cabbage Rose and that's why Kid's Camp is one of our favorite weeks out of the year!
Get your little one's creating masterpieces of their own next year! Keep your eyes peeled for info next Spring! Happy Quilting!

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