Monday, October 27, 2014

Last Minute Costume Ideas!!

Halloween is just a few days away! And if you're as busy as I am, you may or may not have completed any handmade costumes like you were planning. Don't worry, life happens!
But what's great is there are so many easy, cute and resourceful DIY project ideas out there, that even if you wait until Thursday night, you'll be able to create something adorable!
Like this simple Woodland Gnome costume found on the Cakies blog!
All you need is about a yard of blue fabric for the shirt, maybe 1/4 yard of black fabric for the belt and you could even use layers of white muslin cut in shreds for the beard!! In the tutorial, they paint their hat, but you could just as easily wrap it in red fabric with some spray adhesive! No dry time is a good thing! Then finish off the look by grabbing (OR MAKING IF YOU'RE FEELING INSPIRED) some brown pants or leggings and some cute little moccasins or boots! SEW EASY!
We have some more fun and fast Handmade Halloween Costume ideas on the blog!
Happy Sewing!!

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