Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Simple Quilts for Fabulous Bedrooms

I think we're definitely seeing more simple and classic quilt designs in modern home décor and I have to say I am loving it! Whether you have a vintage quilt that your grandmother made or you're looking to bring some serious style to your space, a quilt is near necessity for bedrooms. A scrappy log cabin can be made with your stash or you can choose a host of new darks, mediums, and lights in your own color palette for a more personalized look. Totally warms up the clean, modern lines of the furniture, don't you think? (Image found here)
You definitely don't need a complex pattern to make a seriously stunning quilt! Large scale prints in lots of different colors look chic and eclectic in a simple patchwork design like this one. Use natural elements for furniture choices and accents to create a truly perfect bohemian style bedroom!

This simple strip quilt is the perfect accent to a rustic bedroom like this. Try dressing your bed like this in the warmer months for a cooler sleep while still having warmth nearby for those random cold Summer nights! (Image found here)
A few shades of a few colors on a white background looks effortlessly modern and makes enough of a statement to keep the rest of the décor really minimal. I love how little there is in this space and how happy it looks! And I won't even get started on those high ceilings...glorious! (Image found here)

The New Year is the perfect time for updating your bedroom. It can give you such a fresh perspective on life to change up your environment, especially when it makes you happy! And quilts are a great at making people happy, so freshen up your bed with a quilt new or old! 

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