Friday, July 19, 2013

Kids Camp 2013!!!

My goodness what a fabulous week we just had!! Kids Camp is always one of the most fun and inspiring events that we put on annually here at the Cabbage Rose and I'm pretty sure I say this every year but this group of campers just blew us away!!

Our fabulous Cabbage Rose helpers, Pablo and Caroline sharing their tops and tricks with our campers! We always have SUCH a good time spending our mornings with these young ones!

We had a great range of ages participating this year!  We had Zhannah who is 13, Lindsey who is 13 too, Alyssa is who 12, Emily who is 10, Kelsea who is 9, Anna Caroline who is 8, and little Madeline who is only 5! And let me tell you, these kids just amazed us at what they could do!
A Kids Camp vet! She made a super fun quilt last year and decided to make a Christmas quilt this year!! We did a completely different quilt pattern last year too so even if your kiddo has participated before, there's no reason why they can't enjoy Kids Camp again next Summer!!
SEW MUCH PROGRESS!! These kids had a lot of fun planning out where their blocks would go, learning all about how color values add interest and they definitely illustrated that they learned their lessons well!
Just look how striking the fabrics they picked look together! Kids have such a genuine eye and we find it hilarious how easily they will pull prints and colors from different lines! Us adults tend to have a bit more trepidation when it comes to mixing and matching, but this just goes to show a  little childlike joie de vivre can result in a fabulous looking quilt top!
These kids were hard workers! Loved seeing the classroom so full of creativity!!
Working on one of  their bonus projects!!! What could it be???
They all got to make a simple skirt! Since we had all girls this year we thought it would be fun to include this simple fashion project that they can make for themselves again and again!
Loved these sweet matching bandana skirts! TOO CUTE!!

Check these ladies out!!! Now they are each equipped to make super cute additions to their wardrobe all year long! Look out new school year! Here come the handmade fashionistas!

Here they all are, showing off their sweet new skirts to family, friends and all the lucky ducks who happened to be in our store this afternoon! And what's that? Looks like they're about to reveal ANOTHER project they accomplished this week!!! SAY WHAT???
CUSTOM HANDMADE PILLOWCASES!!! These are SEW much fun for kiddos to learn on and even more fun to whip out for friends around Christmas time or Birthdays! These girls can now create fun handmade gifts for family and friends or just freshen up their bed whenever they feel like it! Let them create a wild and crazy one that doesn't match anything as their travel pillow, they'll never leave it behind again!! Let your kids shop through our Pillowcase Kits or choose 3 favorite fabrics for a design of their very own!

That Christmas quilt turned out too darling for words! A great combination of Michael Miller Holiday Prints and Hip Holiday!
LOVING Madeline O'neill's pretty in pink and purple princess quilt! Such a girly creation from Karen's grandbaby!! And Maddy is ONLY 5 years old! She did SEW amazing this week and we couldn't be any more proud of our tiny seamstress!!

Dying over these fabulous brights framed beautiful with that black and white print! Expert print pairing skills exhibited here!! That's what happens when you get these little ones to the Cabbage Rose!

Another bright and beautiful creation full of Garden Party prints by Pillow & Maxfield! This fun and fabulous Summer quilt that will definitely grow with her!
Pretty sherbert-y colors in this beauty! I am just oohing and ahhing over the shades of orange, tangerine, pink and fuchsia with pops of blue! Another amazing display of great fabrics!! 

Love that funky quilt made with Animal Prints in shades of black, gray and pink as well as this classically styled beauty made with 3 Sisters fabric! These girls really illustrated their personal styles with their fabric choices and it just makes us all sew happy to see!

And here's all the girls and their quilts together! SO AMAZING! We were just blown away by this year's campers! Thank you to all the families who signed these sweet kids up, we loved sharing with them and watching their skills and confidence grow this week! What a blessing it is to see creativity blossom in young people! Thank you again for sharing your children with us!


PumpkinPeters said...

Awesome! Is the quilt pattern available for purchase?

augustus' mom said...

This is a most precious post. These children will have memories and a quilt to share and/or show for all their lives. What a special way to help kids get started with sewing and quilting! Yay

The LadyBugs Garden said...

I am so glad these girl want to keep the sewing us mothers, grandmothers etc have done like forever. This is something I am teaching my granddaughter also. She is 6 years old now.