Friday, December 3, 2010


Hey there ladies! Today is the first day of the Grand Opening of our new shop and we have been having a blast so far!

Here's a peek of the new shop! We'll be doing a full shop tour on the blog soon so stay tuned!

These pictures don't even come close to showing how busy we got! They were taken pretty early in the festivities. You guys really surprised us with how many came out to celebrate with us!

Zipper flowers! Too cute!

Demos, demos, demos! These are sooo much fun! Come and get decorating ideas, project inspiration and learn to do some amazing things with fabrics and notions! All of the demos are set up in our new classroom! What do you think of the new place??

The *NEW* Cabbage Rose is the place to be this weekend so grab your crafty pals and come explore our beautiful new shop! And do some bargain shopping at our old store across the street!

I'll be posting the photos from tomorrow as well so for all of you who aren't able to make it, you won't miss out!


Rebecca@This Present Life said...

Where is the new shop?

karen said...

Just across the street from the old location!

3000 Montgomery St.
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Melissa L said...

I just can't wait to see the new shop! My mom & I have will see you on Saturday!

Strlady said...

Wow! It looks so big even with all the fabric in place! Congrats for new place and may you be there for many years!!

Maggie said...

The new shop looks great. Can't wait to see it.

Amy said...

Your new shop looks great! Wish I lived closer.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your new shop! looks like a great place to be in with all the pretty fabrics.
rita in alaska

Kimberly said...

Congratulations on the new shop! It looks wonderful! I hope to make it some day when I'm down in Texas.