Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More from our Grand Opening!

We had SOOO much fun this past weekend hosting the Grand Opening of our new store! So many of you wonderful ladies (and fellas) came out to see the new space, check out our fun demos and wish us well and we appreciate each and every one of you!

We had tons of tasty treats! The shop smelt A-MAZING from all the delicious goodies cooking in the oven! That's so great to say...we have an OVEN! ;) 

Little Miss Kaitlyn O'Neill was bopping around the shop in a super cute pair of Bella Pants, making sure we were all staying in line and getting things done!

And she kept stealing Grammie's glasses! What a cutie!


I loved all the creative party ideas! Paper decor is sooo yesterday! It's all about FABRIC! If you're planning a party any time soon, come into the shop with your theme and our amazing staff with help you come up with beautiful and creative ideas that will wow all of your guests!

We cannot put into words how wonderful it feels to be in our new home! Thank you to everyone who's supported us over the years and made the Cabbage Rose what it is today! We hope you ALL get a chance to come and see us!


Sarah said...

I hope I get to come see soon! It's not easy getting out there with my little ones!! But I want to!

Rebecca@This Present Life said...

The new store looks beautiful! I wish I could've made it out this weekend but I'll have to come by and check it out very soon!