Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Charm Clutch!!

Lately, I've been crushing HARD on Amy Butler's bag patterns but none so much as her absolutely fabulous NEW Charm Clutch!

It's just the picture of perfection when I think of a clutch! I personally can't stand those teeny tiny clutches, I'm always forgetting I have them and they're barely big enough to fit a tube of lipstick! This sweet clutch is definitely big enough to hold all your important, can't-leave-home-without-it stuff with a little room left over! Plus you can totally customize it with 2 different length handles and different options for closures! Susanna and I have been sort of freaking out over this pattern ever since it came into the shop and being the awesomely crafty gal she is, she decided to whip herself up one!

OMG! Isn't it just fabulous?? She decided to make it with Oh My by Sanae and I just adore the final result! It reminds me of those big Hawaiian print bags that were HUGE a few years ago in resort towns! I think Susanna is bringing back a handbag trend...huge, bold, colorful florals...you heard it here first, ladies!

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Mystica said...

This is absolutely beautiful.