Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Modern Workshop is HERE!

We just got Modern Workshop, the second collection by Oliver + S into the store and online! It takes its inspiration from the Wiener Werkstatte, a circle of artists and craftspeople based in Vienna at the turn of the twentieth century who stood against the industrial revolution’s mass production of homewares by creating unique, beautiful objects that are noted today for their enduring quality and their sophisticated design sensibility!

What a great source of inspiration! I think its one of the ideals that drives most of the people I come in contact with to create! While making things all your own isn't always the cheapest option, there's a sense of pride and beauty in something crafted by hand with love and not in a factory somewhere. On top of that, the skills you hone and the things you create can become a legacy for your family, adding richness to your history and heritage that your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren can look back on with pride! If that's not a reason to create, I don't know what is! Now, enough are the pretty prints!! 


This collection includes 32 prints in both floral and geometric patterns in a modern color scheme! There are small scale and large scale prints alike which are perfect for coordinating to create a beautiful quilt or some funky tunics or skirts for summer! I could even see a modern kids room or a fun summer party decorated with these! No matter how you use them, keep in mind the spirit of the collection and create something beautiful today!

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