Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fabric Feature: The Ladies' Stitching Club

Let me introduce you to The Ladies’ Stitching Club by Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S. When she's starting out with a concept or idea for a new collection of fabrics, Liesl will begin telling herself cute little stories about them in order to flush out everything she wants them to embody! I think that's such a cool design process and the story of these prints has all of us pretty tickled! Maybe because it sounds a lot like how women get involved with the Cabbage Rose!! 

The Ladies’ Stitching Club is the story of a young woman who dreamed one night of a gorgeous blouse. It was covered with embroidery and wonderful details that she had never seen before. When she awoke the next day, she couldn’t stop thinking about the blouse. After several days of pondering this wonderful creation, she decided that she’d better learn to sew so that she could make it for herself.

After asking around for a while, she was referred (I’m sure it was her local quilt shop that did the referring, although that’s not part of the story) to an elderly woman who had worked for many years as a seamstress. The two women hit it off immediately, despite the different in their ages, and they struck up a friendship that went well beyond their sewing lessons.

Soon, other women heard about the lessons and wanted to join. Before they realized what was happening, a strong, supportive community of like-minded women had developed, and their shared interests went far beyond sewing and embroidery. They threw garden parties and tea parties for no particular reason, visited museums together, and spent their time volunteering in the community. The result was a network of women who supported each other through hardships, who celebrated their victories, and who became lifelong friends.  All with a sense of humor and a freedom to be themselves, no matter how eccentric and usual that might be!

The Ladies’ Stitching Club came together in three colorways: Tea Party (pink, plum and gold), Garden Party (red, gold and blue), and Solarium (plum, blue and green). The prints, as you can see, have lots of stitching and garden motifs, and maybe a few drawing room and solarium motifs, too! 

I am especially LOVING these sweet  border prints!! With a sweet mix of gingham, floral and stitches, they're perfect for gracing the bottom of a million different projects!!!

They're absolutely perfect as, what else, QUILT BORDERS!!! Liesl even designed this darling triangles quilt for this collection and is offering it to everyone for FREE!! You can download it right here!! 

 How about creating a simple half apron and embellishing with a little chicken scratch? This is a fun way to embroider for those just learning since you have the gingham as a guide! No fuss, no patterns, no muss!! We like it when things are sew simple! I think I might bust out some Cosmo Embroidery Thread or Finca Perle Cottons and start my own!!

Or how about trying your hand at smocking?? This fun technique creates such a cute finish, perfect for little girl's skirts and dresses galore!!

Also!! A super cute project for any of these beautiful prints is this sweet and simple summer sunhat for your fair-skinned little ones! Download this free pattern to make one (or more!) for your last trip to the beach or anytime the kiddos will be out in the sun! Ranger games, a day at the park, hiking or wherever your adventures take you!

 We hope you're just as inspired as we are by this gorgeous collection! Let us know what you're making with these pretty prints! Share on Facebook and tag the Cabbage Rose!! We'd love to see what you are creating!!
Happy Sewing!!

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