Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sew Your Own Tank Dress with Caroline!

So, exactly 2 minutes after I posted yesterdays blog with super cute tutorials featuring Out to Sea fabrics by Sarah Jane, Caroline texted me that she was working on a project to post on her blog today using Out to Sea fabric as well!! Great minds really DO think alike! Or this collection is just certifiably AWESOME!! I think both are true so, moving on...who wants to make a TANK DRESS??
Actually, a better question would probably be who doesn't want to make a tank dress simply because less people would raise their hands and I get overwhelmed easily...okay, rambling OFFICIALLY over. This little outfit is super simple to put together and looks anything but! Perfect for throwing on for those last minute nights out with friends or just to look extra cute without any extra effort!
All you will need is:
A well-fitting Tank (Caroline's is from Target, $9)
About 2 yards of fabric,
Elastic thread & coordinating thread,
Scissors or rotary cutter & mat,
and Chalk!

Get the full tutorial over on Caroline's blog, Sew Caroline! She has TONS of creative DIY projects, style posts and more that you will be totally inspiring for you so go say hi!!
Happy Sewing!!

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