Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Trends in Fabrics!!

I love seeing my favorite ideas & trends popping up in fabric collections coming into the shop! It's a great way to take inspiration and reimagine it to make sense in your own life!
For instance, I've been dying over this cute & kinda crazy statement wall DIY idea but stamping all those designs? Even on one wall, that's just a little more time than this busy lady has! AND I've forever been crushing on this springy Pantone shade, thinking I might be daring enough to paint a wall for a fresh look this season! BUT THEN...
Market Mix Citrus Turquoise  Market Mix Radish Pastel  Market Mix Lily Blue 
Market Mix Lily Pink  Market Mix Awing Pink  Market Mix Citrus Brown
We got this fabulous collection from Martha Negley called Market Mix and this perfect little Clementines on Turquoise print was just sitting there in front of me as if to say, "hello...I am the answer to all your springtime décor questions!"
I am seriously considering using it as wall paper for my own interpretation of that statement wall! There's a lot of different ways to use fabric like this, but my favorite method? Folding it under at the ceiling and floor and securing it using decorative tacks! It's SO simple, requires NO sewing and you can manage it with only one pair of hands! That's what I call a win!

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