Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hapi by Amy Butler is Here!!!

Hapi, the latest collection from Amy Butler is finally here and in our shop!! Now, Amy's prints and patterns are always inspired and beautiful...but something about her current creative mojo has my heart singing oh so loudly!! This grouping of gorgeous florals, varied geometrics and large scale lookers that Amy is famous for is THE LINE for creating Spring & Summer time wardrobe additions OR fabulous and fresh new bedding for your bedroom oasis!
Here's what Amy had to say about her latest collection!
"Hapi is my love story. It's all about the feelings & inspiration I returned home with after my travels to Egypt. Hapi is the Egyptian god of the Nile and is all about creation and moving forward, exemplifying the process of life. My Hapi is the pure expression of the idea of flow and creativity that we all posses, flowing from our hearts and our hands. I loved creating these prints and you'll find that Hapi has a deliciously uninhibited ethnic vibe with graphic and kitch print combinations and layers of options for print play anchored in rich color. The palettes are a joyful mix of lush, sun bright colors and deep hues that dance together throughout the collection. It's my hope that it captures your imagination and inspires you to create from your heart and have fun!" - XO Amy

I'm just about dead over the HAPI FREE QUILT PATTERN she designed for this collection! I love when things get a little wonky and chaotic, and with all of these gorgeous fabrics, the mish-mash reads bohemian chic to the max!
She's even included a few of her beautiful prints in Voile! This light and breezy substrate is perfect for creating caftans and gypsy pants, beachy cover-ups, lovely & lightweight Slips for hot nights out and everyone could use a beautiful new Infinity Scarf in one of these prints! (Check out the DIY we shared to make one here!) Create one for yourself to test out your skills then make one for a Mother's Day gift!

We're also pretty gaga over Amy's Decorator Linens! They're fabulous for curtains, throw pillows and floor cushions! If you have the Gum Drop Pillow pattern, this is the fabric you've been waiting for to make it with! Create one small and one large for a fun and varied look!
So what do you think of Hapi?? Is it tickling your fancy? Let us know what you're dying to make with this collection in the comments!

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