Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do you floss??

Hey hey ladies! I hope your week so far has been fantastic! I just wanted to drop in to share with you that we now have a DMC floss display in the shop!

Aren't they just beautiful! Embroidery floss is my weakness! Such pretty colors for very few pennies, you can get the entire rainbow without breaking the bank! At this time we are not going to be listing every single color of floss that we have, as that would take several weeks to put on the website! But if you have the number of the color you want, you can call up to the shop and we'll gladly grab you one or twelve and ship it to you! They're only 65 cents a piece so pick up some extras! ;)

Here's our number!


Don't forget to check in tomorrow for the winner of our GIVEAWAY!

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