Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scenes from the Shop!

We have lots of rainbows happening in our shop right now! Here's one of my absolute faves!

Look at all those Marbles...swoon! One of things I love the most about our shop is just the visual impact of all these beautiful fabrics next to each other. Talk about eye candy! Color itself can be such an inspiring thing. So if you're ever feeling unispired or unmotivated to work on that next project, how about stopping in the shop to take a look around?? You're sure to find some pretty fuel for your creative engine!

And maybe a few pretties to add to your stash! ;)


Rhonda said...

Swoon...good word. I felt that when I walked in the other day for the first time. You have a lovely shop. I will definately visit again.

karen said...

Thank you Rhonda! That's so nice to hear!

Anonymous said...

Looks like great material for my aprons!
Elliot M.