Friday, September 3, 2010

Autumn is Upon Us!

Wow! I just have to say, today in Fort Worth, TX has been a breath of much-needed, cool air! I've had the windows open all day and have be craving more of that Fall-ish crisp smell in the air! It's inspired me to share some of our Fall inspired fabric lines and projects!

We just got Arnold's Attic in and I'm just crazy over all of the warm tones and leaf prints! These would make a fabulous quilt!

October is one of my favorite lines for the season! Loving the tall tree print (bottom right).

Adoring is another beautiful line for fall! I especially love the oranges in this line!

Here are some great patterns for adding to your Fall decor! You can find all of these patterns in our Holiday Patterns section. There are also some super cute Halloween patterns that you can find in that section as well!

As I'm sure you already know we have some AMAZING Halloween lines this year! Here's links to my faves!

You can find all of our Halloween lines in our Halloween Fabric section! I hope I've inspired you to start creating a beautiful season for yourself full of warmth and richness!! Have a fabulous weekend!

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Shepherd's Ewe said...

Cute fabrics! Guess I am coming to see you this weekend!