Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ready to be Sunkissed!

Hey there ladies! We just got in the most recent collection from Sweetwater, "Sunkissed". I have to say, you need to prepare yourself for the pretty that is about to happen, otherwise your eyes might go into temporary shock!

How great are those picnic ginghams? I love that gingham is making a bit of come back! It's popping up in lots of new lines and this girl couldn't be more thrilled! Such a versatile print!

Pretty pinstripes!

Loving those text prints that Sweetwater has become so famously known for! Typography + fabric = major swoon!

And here's the whole collection together! Isn't it just gorgeous! Everyone in the shop is kind of freaking out over this line, but can you blame us?? It's the pinnacle of Summer time perfection! Pick up some of these dreamy prints and make a summertime quilt or tote bag! Any of you that have little girls would be CRAZY not to at least whip up a few sundresses or tunics out of this line! It's just way too cute not to! What are you inspired to make with "Sunkissed"?

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