Monday, May 23, 2011

Patchwork Express Weekend!!

WOW!!! We just finished up our Patchwork Express weekend and boy, did we have a ball! With 8 bus loads of 50 ladies each, we had a constantly bustling store all day Saturday and Sunday! A HUGE thank you needs to go out to all the Cabbage Rose Girls for working so hard taking care of all our awesome customers! ESPECIALLY Alicia, for volunteering to prep all 3 of our meals and Pat O'Neill for cooking the oh-so-tasty, melt-in-your-mouth brisket, chicken and pork that kept us all constantly hungry! ;)

And last but certainly not least, THANK YOU to our awesome bus moms, Janine Hruska and Karen Gaither! These sweet ladies not only created gorgeous quilted name tags for all the women on our bus and all the workers in the shop, but kept everyone entertained with fun games and a great demo throughout the weekend!

Here's our bus playing a fun game on their way to one of the shops! Such a cute picture!

And here is one of the amazing name tags they made for us! I kinda want to wear mine all the time, it's just about the lovliest name tag I ever did see! Thank you again BUS MOMS!!!

I wish I could have gotten some more pictures of all the fun that went down in the shop throughout the weekend but ALL of us were the busiest of bees helping all of our new customers or prepping meals that we barely had a minute to sit down, let alone me getting to play photographer! But sometimes, being in the moment is SO much better than capturing it and that's what we did! We had the most fun with our door prizes as each winner was cheered on by the rest of the shop as if they just won American Idol! Everyone we met was so sweet and fun! It was such a wonderful feeling being surrounded by so many creative people and seeing them all enjoy our shop so much! We got so many compliments and we couldn't begin to thank everyone enough for making this weekend so magical! 

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