Friday, November 4, 2011

More Houston Fun!

Here's even more inspirational goodness from Market! We just had to share some of these gorgeous booths with all of you along with some of the inspiring ideas we've gotten off the top of our heads!

Debbie Maddy's Booth

Amy Butler's Booth
Amy's newest collection Lark is absolutely stunning in real life and it looks about as amazing as can be made up in her amazing samples! So many inspiring colors and textures, we think this new collection is perfect for making clothing, epecially skirts! Try  one of these great patterns! 
1, 2, 3, 4
FYI! We just added some awesome new Soul Blossoms - Fashion Fabrics to the website! We now have corduroy, voile and rayon and we'll hopefully be getting more over the next few months!!

The Little Daisy's Big Lap Pillow is just too sweet! We're so glad that Amy brought this pattern back and we were even more thrilled to see her new and improved version! Sew cute!

Jenean Morrison's booth
Framing some large pieces of floral fabric is a really creative and inexspensive way to add some pop to a space! Grab some big frames from Ikea and some of your favorite florals and go to town!
Kaffe Fassett's Booth

We got our dose of technicolor from Kaffe Fassett's gorgeous booth! His stripes and prints are absolutely fabulous and perfect for so many different applications! His cottons are so luscious and soft, that they're perfect for making skirts, pajama bottoms or whatever you can think of! 

Chevrons are all the rage and we saw them everywhere during Market! Here's a simple chevron quilt in one of Moda's little nooks and I have to say look-work tradeoff is definitely at an unfair advantage! How does simple look

Cloud 9 Fabrics

Fabric Floor Poufs are just too fun! These would make a great gameroom accessory! Little boys will love playing video games sprawled out on these cute poufs! Try Amy Butler's Honey Bun Pouf pattern to make your own!

What a cute little idea from Cloud 9 Fabrics! Turn any unused table into a sweet little play house with an awesome little slipcover complete with windows, curtains and a door! So many ideas could be cooked up inside this little getaway!

Betz White's booth
I love the idea of hanging tons of emrboidery hoops with contrasting fabrics all over a wall for a bright and totally inexspensive wall display that is high impact! 

Pat Bravo's booth
Sweet ideas for decorating a teen girl's room! You don't need tons of pattern for a great look, just pick a statement piece and some solids or tonal prints to compliment! And as always, mix with neutrals like white for some extra pop!

Some great Pirate themed ideas! I just love the ship bed and those darling Pirate duds!

Loving this little tipi! What a great idea for a kid's bedroom or play area! Just imagine doing crafts and reading stories with your little ones in such a cute space! And you can go absolutely wild decorating your wee tipi with fabric scraps, bunting, strips, patches or whatever!

Sandi Henderson's Booth

How cute are these pillows?? She even had homemade kites and umbrellas made out of her fabric! How cool!

There were sooo many cute ideas and just not enough time, so you guys need to help make some of these great projects a reality! Either recreate one of these projects or get inspired and do your own thing! Just send us a picture! ;)

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