Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Booth!

Hey ladies! Today is the first day back from Festival and we are absolutely thrilled to be back in the Fort Worth shop! We thought you'd like to see just how GORGEOUS our booth was in Houston this past week, considering we didn't get any time outside of said booth, I got some extra pretty pictures of it to share with you!

How lovely are all those samples??? Everyone was oohing and awing over all the pretties in our booth and can you blame them??


Loved our Bright Section! All those beautiful colors were attracting the shoppers like nobody's business! You could barely walk through all four of our booths most of the time! Thanks to everyone who came out to support us and to all of the new customers-for-life that we met this week! We love you all!

1 comment:

Miranda said...

I had a great time stopping by your booth this weekend!You did a great job & the girls were VERY helpful.Can't wait to start on my Spice Market Tote with my beautiful Amy Butler fabric!