Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why we LOVE Art Gallery!!

I don't know if you know, but we are kinda in LOVE with Art Gallery Fabrics! If you haven't gotten your hands on these beauties then you are missing out! The feel of their cotton is so soft and luxurious you will hardly believe its quilting weight! These fabrics are simply FABULOUS for sewing skirts, dresses, tunics, tops and bags and really anything you'll be putting up to your skin often!! One of our favorite goodies brought back from Quilt Market this Fall were these delicious Color Story Bundles!! Each bundle comes with 10 or 12 assorted one yard cuts from various Art Gallery collections to create a beautiful new arrangement of fabrics that would be lovely together as a quilt, for redoing a bedroom, or creating a season's worth of super chic and standout skirts!! And through Friday at midnight (central time), THEY ARE ALL 20% OFF!! That's right, you'll get 10 yards of this premium cotton fabric for only $80 or 12 yards of fabric for only $96!!!
Color Story Bundle - Tea & Macaroons  Color Story Bundle - Lavendar Dreams  Color Story Bundle - Tropicalia 
A great Christmas gift idea for a budding seamstress would be one of these fabulous Color Story Bundles in shades that she loves and a great fashion pattern that she can use over and over like Caroline's Simple Skirt or one of Pat Bravo's new patterns featured below!!
If you need more inspiration you should check out the amazing Ispirational Booklets that Art Gallery makes for some of their collections to really give you more creative perspectives to consider! They really think outside of the box and are using fabric to make life more fabulous at every step! You simply MUST check out the booklet for Rock n Romance! There are just SO many awesome ideas for you to try or to inspire you down your own creative road!!
These fabrics have been flying off our shelves since we got them and we've already reordered an especially popular print because it is just too gorgeous for words! You can shop the collection here!
The ladies at Art Gallery are just so incredibly creative and their booths at Quilt Market proved that over and over!! I was really digging the Rock n' Romance section, totally modern glam rock that looks as chic as it does cool!
And how about Bari J.'s new collection Splendor 1920?? Lovely and hip at the same time, I really am just crazy over that ruffle duvet comforter! It seriously would be the easiest thing to make, especially if you have a ruffler, the perfect starting point for an adorable room makeover!! But that would look adorable in any of your favorite fabrics! 
Splendor 1920 Adornament Royal  Splendor 1920 Nouveau Geo Blue  Splendor 1920 English Garden Serene
Splendor 1920 English Garden Feisty  Splendor 1920 Knotted Trellis Gold  Splendor 1920 Delicate Sautoir Grey
We were thinking some of these fabulous prints would make awesome clothes so we got a couple of our faves to make up some of the new Pat Bravo Clothing Patterns we just got in!!
Click the name for fabric requirements or to order! 
How great are these designs?? We just love the inherent simplicity of each piece that still manages to shine with uniqueness and style!! It also helps when you're using some GORGEOUS fabrics to really make these beauties sing! Each pattern comes with full size pattern templates as well as indepth instructions via PDF!
But the Boho Dress goes a step further with an instructional DVD that will allow even beginners to go home and start stitching up a new wardrobe! You you'll be able to follow along with Pat by playing the DVD on your TV or computer, and watching her make both options of the dress, step by step, in real time! You basically get a private sewing class for the price of the pattern!!! All throughout the DVD there are super detailed graphics, definitions, and close-ups to help you truly understand and learn how to make the dresses! Plus it comes with the one sided, printed real size paper templates, so you just basically have to pop in the DVD, have your fabric, thread and sewing machine ready and you're good to start sewing the night away!
Any of these's new patterns plus a Color Story Bundle or a few yards from your favorite Art Gallery Collection would make a wonderful Christmas gift for any modern girl who's interested in sewing simple yet beautiful fashions for herself!! Or you could pick out your favorite Color Story, and make handmade gifts for all from the ladies on your list with those beautiful prints!! Definitely check out the Art Gallery Blog for great FREE PROJECTS ideas like these!

They have WAY too many amazing ideas to count so go check out their blog and see if you can't find an adorable FREE PROJECT that will suit everyone on your Christmas list!! They also have adorbale FREE Sewing Patterns on their website! Talk about a wealth of resources, this is why we LOVE Art Gallery and we hope you do too!! Spread even more cheer this holiday season with some of these gorgeous fabrics!
Happy Sewing!!

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