Thursday, August 22, 2013

Draft + Sew a Custom Circle Skirt with Caroline!

So if you haven't popped over to the Sew Caroline blog in awhile, I think you'll all be thrilled to see what she has recently cooked up! None of us has that hard of a time keeping up with the trends, I mean, you do have to walk by all those cute clothes at Target anyways! And if you've paid attention at all, you know circle skirts are EVERYWHERE! Mini, midi and everywhere in between, circle skirts are IN right now. And wouldn't you know,  Caroline just wrote a 4-part series on her blog on how to draft AND sew your very own custom circle skirt.
That's right ladies. A custom fit. Like, perfect for you!! 
And all it take is just a little bit of measuring, math (don't worry...she did all the formula work, you just put your measurements in), a quick bit of sketching, cutting and of course, sewing and you're on your way to a brand new skirt, honey! In WHATEVER fabric is tickling your fancy! Caroline used a beautiful Bari J. print from her collection Lily Belle and my, oh my, it just turned out perfect! Amazing fit Caroline! You can achieve it too! Just head on over to Sew Caroline and walk yourself through the 4 simple parts!
The Staple Dress Class      Washi Dress Class
And don't forget to sign up for one of her amazing dress Classes this Fall!
Happy Sewing!

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