Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quilt Across Texas 2013...Are you READY??

Seriously you guys, it feels like it was last week when I first started promoting Quilt Across Texas! I was all like, "Hey, I know Summer has barely even started but I'm pretty sure we're all gonna blink and it will be September so, QUILT ACROSS TEXAS!"
Well, I made the mistake. I blinked. Now Summer is over and September is only a few days away! And with this beautiful transition month, comes a shop hop the size of the state of Texas! Plus another Shop Hop too but we'll talk about that later! 

We are hosting a 3rd year of Quilt Across Texas at our shop ALL MONTH LONG THIS SEPTEMBER!! We even have special store hours, allowing you to get in as many shops as you can! Sundays in September ONLY, we  will be open from 12-3pm! Awesome huh??
If you've never participated in this fabulous, statewide Event before, don't you fret! Its as easy as 1,2,3 to get started!!
Get your copy of The Guide here!

See the whole collection and order your favorite Quilt Across Texas 2013 Fabrics here!

 And then it's time to get on the road starting this Sunday and see some of this glorious state while heading from shop to shop! There are 58 participating shops to visit, all in their own specific regions which have their own specific regional prizes! We are in Region #1 and here are our prizes!!
This is really a fabulous event and we just love seeing all the new faces and meeting customers from other parts of the state!! And the amount of out-of-state participants always makes us happy! We are so looking forward to this great month of inspiration, Texas-loving and shop hopping! Hope you all will join us! And head on over to the official Quilt Across Texas website for even more details!!
Happy Hopping!!

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