Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fabric on the Walls!

Lately I've been obsessed with the idea of using fabric in non-traditional ways. And a project I keep coming back to is using fabric as wall paper. It's a cool way to add some serious interest to a space, whether you cover all your walls or just one focal wall, like in this closet redo I found on the Young House Love blog. It's totally cute for this young lady's play closet!
All that was used in this project was fabric, staples, fabric glue and a little ribbon to cover up all the edges and seams, which wouldn't be too much damage on the walls for those who are renting. It's a simple and great looking addition to a space.
I also found this example on the Numbered House blog. She uses liquid starch to hang her fabric which is another great option for renters who need to leave their place in tip-top condition.

If you don't want to spend too much on the fabric to cover an entire wall, create some easy fabric art by grabbing a large piece of plywood from the local hardware store and staple your favorite print around it. Use 2 or 3 thin pieces to put side by can keep them level or stagger them for interesting movement. You could also use a canvas stretcher frame or make your own to cover. See how Lia made this one on her blog!
You could always just cover a cute is this? The width of standard doors is more narrow than quilting cotton widths so you just have to buy the length of your door in yardage. No math required! Found this one on the How About Orange Blog. SO CUTE.
Happy Decorating!!

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